Best Demonoid Proxy Available Right Now


  • Demonoid is one of the most popular torrent sites available but faces several issues with the government.
  • You would find it accessible at times, and here’s where the Demenoid Proxy site helps.
  • We have covered how to Unblock Proxy sites and which are the top working ones in 2023.
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Whether you want to watch movies, web series, anime, or similar, buying a subscription plan is costly, especially if you want to watch them on multiple platforms.


Here’s where torrent sites come into the picture. One of the most popular torrent sites providing pirated content but never copied is Demonoid. Besides, it has server features so that you would choose it as your go-to source of entertainment.

However, it frequently has issues with the government, so the site is inaccessible often. Here’s where Demonoid Proxy comes into the picture. Whether you are wondering how to unblock them or for any reason, we have covered you all!

Disclaimer: TechLatest doesn’t endorse or encourage any activities leading to illegal downloads from torrent sites. This listicle is purely for educational purposes; thus, user discretion is required.

Is Demonoid Still Functional?

Demonoid is one of the most popular sites available out there. There are a lot of features that make Demonoid stands out amongst others.

Whether it be whichever type of content, the platform has it all. Besides, everyone loves its friendly UI, easy search features, faster downloads, high-quality content, and similar content.

However, it was shut down in September 2018 due to server issues. This is what the official staff said; however, the leading root cause is that its founder died in August 2018. But the good part is that the team revamped the site to another address.

However, it is in a constant tiff with the government. Hence, it shuts off frequently. To access Demonoid, you can use its proxy sites; if unavailable, you can switch to any of the site’s alternatives. 

The proxy site is an intermediate platform between Demonoid and your device, so you can access the platform from any functional site.

Demonoid Proxy

How to Unblock Demonoid Proxy?

You can access Demonoid Proxy sites without any issues. In the next section, you will find plenty of the sites there. However, you would still see the proxies blocked due to geo-restrictions, unsafe connection, or any such problem.


In such a case, you must connect to a VPN. If there’s any geo-restriction, connect VPN to a server of any other nation without geo-restriction. Further, use an incognito mode and then open the proxy site. 

Moreover, we recommend you not to use a browser like Chrome as facts suggest that it’s one of the most unsafe browsers and also collects cookies and keeps a log of data with itself in incognito mode.

Therefore, you can use others like Mozilla Firefox, Kiwi Browser, or similar. Also, don’t use the Google search engine, but Bing would be good to go!  Thus, you can seamlessly unblock Demonoid Proxy sites. 

Best Demonoid Proxy Working in 2023

There are several Demonoid Proxy sites available. Let’s skip to the ones that are currently functional in 2023. 

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Best VPN to Access Demonoid Proxy

Though there are plenty of VPN services out there yet, not all of them are efficient in their functioning.

Some popular sites suggest you use a VPN for better security so that your ISP provider doesn’t track rerouting traffic. The ultimate solution in such a case is to use a VPN along with it! 

Below are the best VPNs available to access Demonoid Proxy sites: 

1. ExpressVPN

Is your location preventing you from using a Demonoid Proxy?


If yes, then ExpressVPN is what you should go for! 

It specializes in letting users access geo-restricted sites, including torrent sites, so you can even use Demonoid Proxy.

If you want to use proxy sites via mobile, ExpressVPN is perfect, as it provides the ideal mobile-optimized services. Apart from a blazing-fast speed, it has plenty of servers across different locations worldwide. 

Further, it won’t diminish the content quality; hence, you can even stream it in 4K UHD. Whether Demonoid Proxy or alternative torrents, ExpressVPN is the best for accessing pirated content. It doesn’t store your data, so you can use torrents and Proxy sites without worrying about legal issues. 


2. Nord VPN

Are you looking for the most reliable VPN services out there?

If yes, then Nord VPN is what you should use to access Demonoid Proxy!

It provides comprehensive security; Nord servers don’t use an HDD but RAM only; hence none of your information is saved. It’s due to this that you get to get excellent speed also.

Besides, while you download your torrents and access the proxies, it won’t notify the ISP provider that your network is being rerouted. It has nearly 5500 servers spread across almost 60 or more locations to ensure you get the best service.


Some of you might experience it while using torrents, so that you can use its kill switch. Further, you can even get content from the dark web, which relies on the no-log policy. Apart from high speed, you get faster connectivity, also. However, you cannot use it for free. 

3. HaloVPN 

Are you looking for the best free VPN services out there? 

If yes, then HaloVPN is all that you need!  

It has few servers yet has 2-3 from each top country. Besides, if your motive is to access the proxy and not bypass geo-restrictions, then its Smart Connect feature is for you.


When you press the connect button, then it automatically connects you to the best location available. It masks your IP Address; hence, you can access torrents, the dark web, and many more.

Significant apps like PlayStore also have not blocked it. Even in a few of its servers, it’s efficient in functioning.

You can even access it from mobile using its App. One of the noteworthy features of HaloVPN is that even if you use a 3G network, it provides robust performance. Hence, you can use Demonoid proxy sites without any issues at no cost. 

Best Alternatives to Demonoid 

When you cannot access Demonoid even with its proxy, you can use its alternative sites. 


Below-mentioned is a list of the best alternatives available: 

The Pirate Bay 

How about the most simple yet famous alternative to Demonoid?

If yes, then Pirate Bay is a must-check under your list! Like Demonoid, this is also easy to use and has a vast database of torrent and magnet links.

Besides, its content is checked adequately for malicious files and viruses to ensure that torrents won’t harm your device.


Furthermore, many sites under this category have different files during downloaded something else after accessing.

The Pirate Bay - Demonoid Proxy

That’s when most of you get upset, and Demonoid never upsets, and so does Pirate Bay. Amidst a considerable collection of movies, shows, anime, and more, you can access Pirate Bay at all-time. If you find that it doesn’t work or gets blocked, developers have an alternative ready for you! 

You would also see a VIP/Trusted user marker for some files, which means you can rely on those without worrying about any threat. 

Check it Here: 



How about a Demonoid alternative that lets you download music, games, and even books apart from films and shows?

If yes, then you must check out RARBG! 

It’s a popular hub for all types of content and has a large content size. Besides, you would find magnet links also.

You won’t have to wait much for the website to load as it has a fast loading time. The website is easy to use, supporting a minimalistic interface and clean UI.

RARBG - Demonoid Proxy

It supports an average download speed of 2.3 MB/s. Despite the speed, you won’t have to compromise with quality content.

It has not only the best collection but also high quality. Yes, you heard that right! It means you can download movies, shows, and games in HD quality. As the site has a lot of seeders, you would find newer content frequently. 

Check it Here: 


How about a Demonoid alternative that you can access from the web and through a mobile app?


If yes, the  1337x is what you need! 

You can download its app from PlayStore or use its website usually. Besides, though it supports every type of content, the seeders emphasize movies, shows, TV series, and anime more.

1337x - Demonoid Proxy

Hence, if you are an avid binge-watcher, this one’s for you! Its popularity is evident because it has a huge fan base, and most torrent users access it enormously. It makes navigating through the web easier with helpful search filters.

Compared to most other torrent sites, this one has a more modern interface. Besides, it provides an average download speed of 1.9 MB/s. 


Check it out Here: 


Do you love watching the latest movies and even the best ones? 

If yes, then YTS is meant for you!

This Demonoid alternative has a lot of movies, songs, and shows; however, it mainly focuses on providing movies—this range from retro to the latest. Hence, the next time when you friend an intimate movie date, you won’t have to think about where to watch it!

YTS - Demonoid Proxy

YTS should be your ultimate destination. You would find high-quality, nostalgic games with incredible sound effects and some of the most classic content collections. Further, its average download speed of 2.2 MB/s is a further ado! 

Check it Here: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Demonoid still active?

    Yes, Demonoid is still active; however, due to issues with the government, users find it inaccessible at times, and Proxy sites can help you resolve the issue.

  2. What is the best alternative to Demonoid?

    The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, and YTS are the best alternatives to Demonoid.

  3. Is Demonoid a public tracker?

    Yes, Demonoid was once known as the largest tracker available.

  4. Which is the Best VPN to access torrent sites?

    ExpressVPN is the best VPN to access torrent sites.

The Wrap Up – Best Demonoid Proxy

If you were looking for how Demonoid Proxy helps, which are working Proxies in 2023, you would have got your answer! Proxy sites allow you to access Demonoid as a link between your device and the platform.

Furthermore, the site has been shut down several times. After its founder’s death in August 2018, it faced server issues in September 2018. The staff later moved it to another domain and was after it was shut down due to a DDoS attack.

Though it was once more and is still functional now, it keeps facing issues with the government, and users have difficulty accessing it.

Here’s where proxy sites for help! We recommend using proxy sites and a VPN in the browser’s incognito mode, except for Chrome.

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