Losing data stored on a computer is the worst part of storing data digitally. Data loss can take place due to various reasons including malware attack, files got corrupted, or maybe you have deleted some files accidentally. So no need to worry about such a small issue, we have various data recovery software out there. But the question is which recovery software for Windows is best? which recovery software assure us to provide a 100% data recovery guarantee?


So here in this article, we have listed out some best recovery software for Windows, by using them you can easily recover your lost data within a few minutes. So, let’s get started.

Best Recovery Software for Windows


Ease Us Data Recovery Wizard Pro

Best Recovery Software for Windows

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is an efficacious system restoration software, which is designed with the motive to recover the deleted files from the system, which were deleted unintentionally or accidentally. It has an amazing user-friendly interface to provide mesmerizing user experience, with so many handy features that will help you to recover your deleted files. To know more about EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard follow the given article EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review.

Disk Drill

Best Recovery Software for Windows

Disk Drill is a reliable and great data recovery software for Windows, it offers a very simple interface that makes the software easy to use and more reliable. It can recover data (upto 500 MB) from any “virtual storage device”, and from internal and external storage devices such as hard disk, USB devices, memory cards, etc.

This software organizes all the deleted files category wise, so if you want to recover any deleted file, you can easily access it. Moreover, you can filter the data by date or size. It supports various file systems, and also perform quick and deep scans for the files.

While recovering any file disk drill recovery software provides you a preview of the file[s] to be recovered. You can pause the scanning and can resume it later, and you can take the backup of the entire drive with this recovery software. Overall, we would say this is an excellent recovery software for Windows. This software works with Windows 10, 8,7, Vista, and XP.

But at the same time, it has some cons too like this recovery software lets you recover only 500 MB of data for free users, and it has to installed with HDD.

Price It offers a free trial with 500 MB if recovery limit, and a pro version which costs around $89 with unlimited data recovery.


SoftPerfect File Recovery

Best Recovery Software for Windows

SoftPerfect File Recovery is another amazing recovery tool. This software has a very simple yet powerful UI so that users can recover all the deleted files easily without any hassle. Users can search the recoverable file conveniently and this tool works from any portable location like a flash drive.

Moreover, it let us find a deleted file using a file extension or file name. You can undelete multiple deleted files simultaneously. The software is available for almost all versions of Windows from Windows 10 to Windows NT, ME, 98, and 95 too. But as others it also has some cons like it supports only two file systems, it doesn’t offer a file preview before recovering it.

Price- Free

Free Undelete

Best Recovery Software for Windows

Here we are having one of the best recovery software for Windows operating system, i.e free Undelete. This is an excellently designed file recovery tool which can recover deleted files from a variety of storage devices. Like other mentioned file recovery software this also has a very simple yet interactive and user-friendly UI. The most amazing part about this software is, this is completely free file undeleting software.

It allows various filtering and sorting orders, moreover, it can restore complete folder at once along with it can use to restore multiple files simultaneously. It can recover files from various storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, etc. This file recovery tool works for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Similar to other recovery software for Windows, this one also has some cons like this tool work for only Windows home users and not for Windows business/commercial version.

Price- Free


Best Recovery Software for Windows

Recuva is a lightweight and fast data recovery software for Windows, and it recovers data from various storage devices including hard drive, memory cards, etc. It comes up with a user-friendly interface, this file recovery tool can undelete a wide range of data from various storage devices and also from damaged or corrupted drives.

It performs deep scanning to search the traces of deleted files, It shows a preview of the files you are going to recover, it’s clean user-interface is the biggest advantage if this data recovery software. It supports so many file systems including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, and NTFS + EFS.

Price- Free and Paid both versions are available. Paid is for $ 19.95 with some additional features other than Advance file recovery.

Data Rescue 6

Best Recovery Software for Windows

Prosoft’s Data Rescue 6 is an amazing data recovery software, which is packed up with some advanced data recovery tools. This tool was developed for years and it has been tested by a professional data recovery lab. From this, we can have an idea of how reliable and useful this tool is. It is a versatile data recovery software for Windows with some amazing features.

In this software, you can create a clone when a drive is getting fail while data retrieval or when the process is taking too much time for completion. This software requires 32GB of additional storage to perform recovery operations. It has a free file finder app so that tool can decide whether data can be recovered or not. It performs quick and deep scans for data recovery. It requires Windows 7 and above operating system and it can recover data from

  • Mac Desktops / Laptops
  • PC Desktops / Laptops
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • External Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • SD Cards
  • CF Cards
  • Thunderbolt Drives
  • FireWire Drives
  • RAIDs

This software lacks at pricing as it doesn’t offer any free trial version so that we can experience the software on-hand and decide whether to use it or not. And its standard license limits allows only 5 drive recoveries to a user.

Price- $19 for the standard version, and for unlimited data recovery you should purchase an annual subscription.


Best Recovery Software for Windows

Photorac is a free digital data recovery software for Windows computers, and it can undelete the data from not only computers but also from cameras, mobile devices, memory cards, etc. This tool offers features through which you can first upload a utility into the system to check whether it can restore data of that file format or not, instead of checking all the files.

But we can’t consider this tool as a powerful data recovery tool because in many cases it can’t restore complete files and sometimes it’s tough for the user to understand its instructions.

Price- Free

Windows File Recovery Tool

Best Recovery Software for Windows

Microsoft released Windows file recovery tool for Windows 10 2004 version, this is a tool that uses the command line to perform all the operations, so this may or may not be compatible for every user out there. This can be used to retrieve data from local hard drives as well as removable media such as USB drives and memory cards. To know more about Windows File recovery tool, follow the given article Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Tool for Windows 10.

That was all about the best recovery software for Windows. I hope you found this useful if you have any doubts or you have any suggestions so please share your valuable thoughts with us.



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