Beware of a Cursed Wallpaper, It Will Crash Your Phone!

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2020 is one of the weirdest years ever! And it is just getting darker. Now there is a Cursed Wallpaper that might crash your phone if you set it on your phone. Here’s a picture of it.


Please: Do Not Set it as Your Wallpaper if someone sends you this image. Your phone will crash, and your smartphone will go through a complete factory reset.

Here is What you Need to Know About the Cursed Wallpaper

So, what could be wrong with a photo of a sunset with clouds and lake right? Well, in the coding of this image there is a hidden improperly color coded profile- and a Google color profile, so when you set this as a wallpaper on your Android phone, it will cause the system UI to crash. That is why it is called Cursed wallpaper.

Cursed Wallpaper

The image has been circulating around social media, and people have suffered data loss because of this stupid image. Well, if you take a screenshot of the image or edit it, it overwrites the problematic code and the image becomes harmless. But why take the risk? Just stay away from this ‘Cursed’ wallpaper, there are like millions of more wallpapers for your device and they don’t crash your phone.

So here are some points you need to know

  • This photo of sunset will brick some Android phones if you set it as wallpaper
  • It has an improperly coded Google color profile, which causes the Android UI to crash from an out of bounds errors.
  • For some phones, if you are lucky enough, you can reboot the phone into safe mode and have just the time to change the wallpaper and for others, who are not so lucky, you will have to go to bootloader and completely factory reset the phone.
  • It goes beyond some Samsung phones, even Android emulators are prone to the attack.

I guess these were some serious reasons to stay away from this stupid wallpaper.

What Happens if You Already Set the Wallpaper?

  • If your phone boots in safe mode, you will have some time to change the wallpaper to something safe.
  • If you use a Custom ROM or have your phone Rooted, then chances are that you have a custom recovery option available in it. Then, go to the custom recovery app and purge the wallpaper data to reset the wallpaper to default.
  • If you do not have either of the above options, just go to the bootloader and factory reset your phone.

So, it is a very friendly remainder. Just stay away from this notorious element. You do not want any trouble now with your phone in this lockdown era. And keep backup for your data, it is always good!

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