Samsung Unveils its Special SSD At OCP Global Summit

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Samsung unveils its special SSD (Solid State Driver) at this week’s OCP Global Summit. In the event, Samsung reveals some more information about its current development (Samsung currently working on) a new kind of SSD. For now, it is based on a data center context.


When it is about flash memory, the most simple and common configuration of data centers is JBOF (just a bunch of files), which uses NVMe (Non-volatile memory express) SSD storage which is attached with processors, PCIe switches, and a NIC (Network Interface Cards). Such a system has some significant problems which are a classic case of a middleman, those issues include the lack of scalability of the storage controller or limited bandwidth.

For such issues, Samsung unveils its special SSD with two Ethernet ports. Read the complete article, to know more about Samsung’s new special SSD (Solid State Driver).

Samsung Unveils its Special SSD

Samsung Unveils its Special SSD

To solve those significant issues of the system, Samsung introduced two Ethernet ports, two ports are included to provide verbosity on the SSD’s. However, these are not our usual Ethernet ports, each of them supports a spectacular 25Gbps (about 25x of most Gigabit interfaces achieve). Interestingly, it is only available with the standard ones (i.e. 2.5-inch), instead of that smaller one with the M2 form factor.

Samsung unveils its special SSD and claims that the E-SSD will perform amazingly by achieving PCIe Gen 4×4 performance, or a random read of around 1500K IOPS at 4K speed. This is the most staggering thing, the performance of the driver scales in linear order and amazingly.

Samsung Unveils its Special SSD

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According to the chart provided by the company, these 24NVMe drivers will be 7.5 times faster than a single NVMe drive, while a similar number of NVMe SSD’s will be 23 times much faster than a single solid-state drive. This is really astounding a single SSD working 23 times faster than a single drive, isn’t it fascinating? Through this Samsung is surely willing to kill the server’s CPUs with this dazzling SSD.

If we remove (ignore) the CPU, networking, and other obstacles including lower latency, higher bandwidth, better performance, lower cost, powerfully enlarge TCO savings, and all. This will be the amazing news for the data center operators, but not a piece of acquirable news for everyone else in hardware.

Samsung unveils its special SSD with great amazing performance and speed, that’s exactly what a system demand if we hide all the hindrances than this SSD (Solid State Driver) surely aims to replace the server’s CPU.


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