Google’s New App Can Help You Maintain Social Distance

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Google is trying to help individuals keep up their social distance by rolling out another application that will assist individuals with keeping up a distance, this app is built using augmented reality. The application has been created under Experiments with Google and isn’t accessible on the Google Play Store however can be sideloaded independently.

Google's new app can help you maintain Social Distance

‘Sodar’ Helps You Maintain Social Distance

The application called ‘Sodar’ will make a visual limit utilizing the user’s phone camera and continually show who’s breaking that social distance limit. The company claims Sodar utilizes “WebXR to help visualize social distancing guidelines in your environment. Using Sodar on supported mobile devices, create an augmented reality two-meter radius ring around you.”

The perimeter will be superimposed on the genuine environmental factors of the user while expecting that the smartphone and the user are at a similar spot. The circle continues moving with the client. This AR technology is like games like Pokemon Go. When someone else breaks the circle, the screen will outwardly alarm the client.

Social Distance

You can use this app to maintain social distance through Chrome browsers on Android devices. You can access the app using the link on the phone or scan the QR code from your smartphone on the PC.

Google has also made a contact tracing API with Apple and has made it accessible for health agencies across nations. This API can be utilized so as to send alert notifications to users who may have conceivably contracted covid-19 or have been in closeness of any individual who is a positive coronavirus case.

So as to make the application increasingly protected and to keep up the user’s privacy Apple and Google restricted the utilization of location tracking on the applications that intend to utilize their contact tracing interface. Though, numerous administrations have been utilizing their own interface with location tracking to discover hotspots inside their nation.

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