TikTok Play Store Rating Restored to 4.4 Stars After Google Intervenes

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After a huge controversy and social-networking war between TikTok and YouTube, which resulted in dropped ratings of TikTok in App stores including Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. But now everything is settled down, and the TikTok Play Store rating restored to 4.4 stars after Google intervenes.


Now TikTok Play store rating restored to 4.4 stars, Google bolstered TikTok to manage its rating over the Google Play Store, by deleting more than 8 million negative reviews. When TikTok’s rating reached 1.2 in the Play Store there were about 28 million reviews, and now only 20 million are left with a 4.4-star rating.

TikTok Play Store Rating Restored to 4.4 Stars After Google Arbitrated

TikTok Play Store Rating Restored

Google deleted more than 8 million comments from the Play Store, to restore the Tiktok’s rating over Play Store. TikTok got a lot of hatred from the people throughout the country and everyone was boycotting TikTok for various reasons, some want TikTok should be ban in the country due to some offensive videos posted on the app, some are the supporters of YouTube while TikTok vs YouTube debacle, and other were against of Chinese application, moreover spread of coronavirus from China was also a substantial reason.

Coincidentally, all the incidences happened sequentially one after other, firstly coronavirus spread from China so the whole country was already infuriated and in between coronavirus pandemic a new hot blunder arose between YouTube and TikTok, this matter was going on trend and peoples were busy in supporting YouTube by criticizing TikTok’s content, suddenly another offensive video (promoting, Rape, Acid attack, and other disputed content) got posted on TikTok after that Indians were out of control and start demanding to ban the app in India.

TikTok Play Store Rating Restored

The wrangle arose too much and got on-trend, read more about it here TikTok Rating Drops to 1.3 as Indian Youtuber’s Fanbase Exasperated

With all this drama, Twitter was clobbered with hashtags including #BanTikTokIndia, #SupportCarry, etc. and the real story of negative reviews and comments began. And TikTok’s rating dropped from 4.5 to 1.2.

Moreover, between all these disputes another Indian app, Mitron a clone to TikTok launched and got viral, read more about it here The Bitter Truth Behind Overhyped TikTok Rival Mitron App

Final Words

Now, the TikTok Play Store rating is restored because Google has deleted more than 8 million of negative comments from Playstore, so app manages 4.4 stars rating in Google Play Store. But in Apple App store TikTok somehow managed to rank 3.5 stars only and with all these on-going controversies we aren’t sure how long it will take to rank as same as before.

You can check the rating of the app on Google Play Store.


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