Mar 18, 2023

How to Trim Sound on TikTok?

Do you want to trim your favorite sound clip exactly the way you want but don't know how? Well, trimming sound is not such a difficult task,…
Mar 2, 2023

[Solved]Why does my TikTok Keep Resetting?

Are your tailor-made pages getting reset on TikTok automatically? If you are facing this issue time and again, then it is time to go through the simple…

How to Change Your Location on TikTok?

TikTok started as a lip sync app in 2016, but today it has billions of users, making it one of the most engaging apps. Because of the…
TikTok Shadowbanned
Apr 16, 2022

[Fix]Why Can’t I Change PFP on TikTok?

Have you noticed that your Tiktok profile picture (PFP) is not changing or updating properly? Recently, several users have reported this error who were unable to change…
Apr 11, 2022

How to Get Unbanned from TikTok?

TikTok is the most popular app for short videos in India, China, and Southeast Asia. It’s also the biggest source of income for its creators. TikTok uses…
TikTok Shadowbanned
Jan 28, 2022

TikTok Shadowbanned: What Is It and How Do You Know If You’re Affected

After attaining a massive following, a TikTok creator explains how her content is silently restricted within the platform with no explanation whatsoever. Issuing “shadowbans” on social platforms…
Jul 12, 2021

How To Delete TikTok Account Easily in 10 Steps?

In this dedicated article, we are going to talk about TikTok application and how you can Delete Tiktok Account permanently using a few straightforward steps.
Best TikTok Alternatives
Jul 7, 2020

Indian Govt Banned TikTok; Here are the Best TikTok Alternatives

Best TikTok alternatives, here we need to discuss this topic because, on June 29, 2020, the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps, including some widely used…
YouTube is Planning to Target TikTok
Jun 27, 2020

YouTube is Planning to Target TikTok with a New 15-second Recording Feature

YouTube is planning to target TikTok with a new 15-second recording feature. Read all about the new feature here
May 29, 2020

TikTok Play Store Rating Restored to 4.4 Stars After Google Intervenes

TikTok Play Store rating restored after a huge dispute between TikTok and Youtube. Google deleted more than 8 million of negative reviews from Play Store.

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