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Ashish Rohra

A hacker by passion and a writer by profession. In his free time, you can find him reading books in his tapestry canopy.
Gaming Expert
Dec 3, 2022

How To Fix Adobe Air Error in Brawlhalla – A Step-by-Step Guide

One such annoying issue is the Adobe Air error which can be extremely tedious to solve in Brawlhalla. For those who don’t know, Adobe Air is an…
Nov 29, 2022

How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Status Installing Issue – A Comprehensive Guide

The “Status Installing Issue,” in particular, affected early access players, majorly the ones located on PlayStation consoles. It’s preventing them from accessing the single-player campaign in the…
Sep 17, 2022

Ways To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x803F8001 – 14 Solutions To Help You Get Rid Of The Issue

Getting Xbox Error Code 0x803F8001? Click here to know the best solutions to resolve it now!
Apr 30, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide To Install Mods in GTA V – Everything You Ought To Know

GTA V’s PC modding community has developed a few of technical workarounds for using mods easier. We’ll walk you through for getting started with mods in GTA…
Apr 18, 2022

WiFi Privacy Warning On iPhone – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It?

In this guide, we’re about to take a brief look at the WiFi privacy warning on an iPhone and attempt to fix it through multiple troubleshooting methods.
Apple Watch
Oct 25, 2022

Here’s How Can You Get Snapchat on Apple Watch (Series 6 and 7)

There’s a quick workaround that allows users to get Snapchat on Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 to access certain in-app features, of course with some limitations…
Feb 25, 2022

Watch Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows for Free – Putlocker and Other Alternatives

One such popular platform is Putlocker, which consists of a directory listing of popular entertainment media, particularly consisting of movies and TV series. Initially, the website originated…
YouTube Adfree
Feb 18, 2022

YouTube Vanced for iOS – Is There Any Way To Block YouTube Ads On Your iPhone

Looking for YouTube Vanced for iOS for a adfee YouTube experience? Then you are in the right place, we will walk you through the steps for the…
Google Slides
Feb 15, 2022

Videos and Google Slides – A Duo To Make Your Presentations Stand Out

In this article, we will let you know how to embed a video in Google Slides using three different methods that can be used to create a…
UUP Dump Featured
Feb 14, 2022

Downloading Windows Insider Builds Through UUP Dump – Everything You Need to Know

However, there’s a nifty way that you can use to get access to these insider builds regardless of your system perquisites, popularly known as UUP Dump.
Google Drive Dark
Feb 4, 2022

A Layman’s Guide to Use Google Drive Video Downloader Across Multiple Platforms

If you’re looking to share media across multiple devices without catering them individually, using ‘Google Drive’ certainly fits the bill for you. The service helps you seamlessly…
Xbox Featured
Feb 1, 2022

The No-Nonsense Guide To Troubleshoot Xbox Party Chat Issues

The ability to converse while playing an online game has become a norm for gamers worldwide. It allows players to talk verbally, engage in textual chats, use…
Cloud Storage
Jan 30, 2022 – An Adorable File Storage for The Internet ‘Weebs’

With Japanese culture getting more accessible than ever, people are finding adorably weird ways to express their affection for the ‘weeb’ society. And when it’s done by…
TikTok Shadowbanned
Jan 28, 2022

TikTok Shadowbanned: What Is It and How Do You Know If You’re Affected

After attaining a massive following, a TikTok creator explains how her content is silently restricted within the platform with no explanation whatsoever. Issuing “shadowbans” on social platforms…
Friday Night Funkin on Chromebook
Jan 24, 2022

How to Download and Install Friday Night Funkin on Chromebook

Although utterly primitive, Flash media preserves a nostalgic essence of internet history. They’re fast-paced, offer quick turnovers, and you can easily have a delight with them when…
Twitter Featured
Jan 20, 2022

In Twitter We Trust – How The Social Network Helps Eliminates Toxicity On The Platform

Wondering how you can turn off sensitive content on Twitter? Well, today, we'll help you to disable the sensitive content from your Twitter feed.

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