YouTube Vanced for iOS – Is There Any Way To Block YouTube Ads On Your iPhone

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Being a free-to-use platform, YouTube has gained so much popularity in recent times that you can find almost everything you want to consume for your daily content digest.


Whether you want to stay updated with the latest insights of your favorite celebrity or binge-watch a stand-up show on racial discrimination (Really), YouTube has got it all. 

Something, however, that often annoys users are the before-, in-between-, and after-video ads. And things were at least manageable when they showed only one ad, but now you have to watch two of them, and you can’t even skip in those ads.

The last place, in such case, you can ethically resort to is ‘YouTube Premium’ which is basically just YouTube but you have to pay for it. 

But hey, didn’t YouTube say it is a project to give everyone a voice and show them the world? Perhaps, they probably mean “Hey, I’m a rich spoiled brat” by ‘Everyone’ here. The thing is, paying a subscription just to get rid of some ads doesn’t seem something valuable enough to spend money for. 

And while potential solutions like ‘YouTube Vanced’ are available, they’re confined by their ecosystem. This popular tweaked app is developed solely for the Android operating system, and there’s no practical way you can get the same app on your iPhone.

But if you still want to enjoy a similar experience, you can try some alternative third-party apps for iOS devices, such as: 

YouTube Vanced for iOS (Alternatives)

For Non-Jailbroken devices, you can use third-party utility like AltStore to sideload the IPA file. You can find the full guide here.

uYou – Most Similar to Vanced 

uYou - YouTube Vanced for iOS

With a plethora of features like picture-in-picture mode, background playback, importing options, and a lot more that aren’t accessible through the stock app, or are restricted, uYou is almost like the modified version of YouTube Vanced, but with a change in its look. Plus, it also removes all the ads in your playbacks and supports even the highest quality formats like 4K. 

If you’ve been using iOS for quite a while, you probably know what I mean by saying you’ll have to sideload the app on your device using Sideloadly, Cydia Impactor, AltStore, or any other third-party app store.


For novices, though, just assume it as a way to get apps for free on your iPhone. Here’s the link to the IPA of uYou for iOS 14 or higher –

Cercube – Best Experimental Alternative 

Cercube - YouTube Vanced for iOS

Not being sadistic, the feature that I love the most about Cercube is that it brings back the dislike count on the videos. A lot of people don’t know but they’re actually exploiting an insecure direct object reference vulnerability in YouTube’s API.

That’s why I prefer calling it experimental, but there are a lot of other features that you can enjoy as a user such as AdBlock, high video quality, and more. 

There are also certain known issues like the unresponsive ‘hide cast’ button and speed-up bugs on iOS 14-14.4.2. While there are certain workarounds available for most of the prevailing bugs, the official release has not been patched in the recent updates.


That being said, you may download and install this app on your iPhone on your own discrete. 

YouTube Reborn – Constantly Updated 

Made solely by an individual developer, YouTube Reborn is a promising tweak of the official version that works seamlessly on Unc0ver and Checkra1n jailbreaks.

During video playbacks, you won’t encounter any video ads and enable background playback for your videos. There are also a lot of personalization options that help you make the app customized as per your preferences. 

Recently, the developer has also added certain more features for iOS 13+ devices such as color options and OLED dark mode.


However, keep in mind that you can only install this app if you have a Jailbroken iOS device. The process requires the use of Cydia and the TwickD repository for the project can be found here –

YTAdBlock – Best Single-Purpose Tool 

As the name suggests, YTAdBlock is a straightforward tool that allows you to evade pre-, mid-, and end-roll video ads. It also removes certain banner ads from your playback experience that are commonly found under videos and home screens. 

This app can be installed on a Jailbroken iOS device and you can simply add the repo to Zebra or Cydia. For non-Jailbroken users (currently not available), the IPA file can be sideloaded through AltStore. Moreover, it is also available as a Debian package just in case you want to sign your own app through IPA patcher. 

Bottom Line – YouTube Vanced for iOS

Even though Android users have the ability to enjoy the much-praised experience of YouTube Vanced, there are certain alternates that allow you to gain a similar, if not the same, experience as discussed in this blog post. 


Therefore, make sure you check out the solutions suggested here and choose the one that fits the bill for you. We hope you found the shared information helpful in making your visual content consumption on iOS more tolerable and enjoyable. 

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