Telecom Companies Rendering Commission on Recharging Other Numbers

commission on recharging
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Telecom companies have introduced new schemes related to earning through commission on their apps. Companies like JIO and Airtel have announced a scheme where people can earn a 4% commission on recharging other numbers from their apps.


Commission on Recharging Other Numbers

JIO offers 4.16% commission

Reliance Jio has launched a new JioPOS Lite app which allows Jio users to earn a commission every time they perform a prepaid recharge for someone else. This app is currently only available for Andriod users who can download it on the play store. It is expected that the iOS version of the app will be available soon on the App Store. You can earn money by performing prepaid recharges for other JIO users but before that, you have to become a part of JIO partners on the app. The registration is pretty easy and it doesn’t require any paperwork.

How to Earn Money Using JioPOS Lite App

  • Download the JioPOS Lite app on the Google Play Store (for android users).
  • After installing, give the necessary permissions and log in using your Jio number and email id to become a Jio Partner.
  • When the registration process is done, the app will ask you to credit money of Rs 500, Rs 1,000, and Rs 2,000 denominations into your wallet.
  • That’s it! For every Jio prepaid recharge, you perform for someone else, 4.16 percent of the recharge amount will be credited back.
  • Since the app doesn’t ask for bank details, the commission will most likely be transferred to JioPOS Lite’s wallet, which you can use for the next recharge. 

The app also shows most popular Jio recharges to assist Jio partners.

Airtel Super Hero feature

A similar feature has been launched by Airtel for its users as well. This has come in the time where the recharge outlets are closed due to the coronavirus lockdown. This feature is called the Airtel Super Hero feature, which is integrated within the MyAirtel app. It allows Airtel users to enroll themselves as a ‘superhero’ and helps them earn commission by recharging other Airtel numbers. Unlike Jio, Airtel allows you to use debit cards, credit cards, UPI, net banking, Airtel payments bank, and e-wallets as payment methods. The deducted amount will be 4 percent less than the actual MRP of the recharge.

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