In this article, we will discuss the methods to download and install latest GB Instagram APK in your android smartphone. Everyone uses Instagram and nowadays it is being the most fascinating thing for people to use it, only because of its rich features and functionalities, right? But with amazing UX and UI users found something missing from the app, it is images and video downloading. Instagram provides high security to the users, that whatever they are uploading on the application, others won’t save the data, and that’s fine due to privacy issues.


But many times, it happens that someone’s story fascinates us, and we want to keep that thing forever with us either video or image. In the case of an image, we end up taking a screenshot of the image but for the video, we don’t have any option and we are helpless. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out, now with GB Instagram APK or Instagram Mod APK, you can download and save other’s interesting stories with you.

However, we have numerous third-party application which helps users to download the video from any site but those third-party apps are buggy and virus-prone, so it is risky to use them, that’s why here we are introducing GB Instagram APK.

So, for downloading and saving other’s stories and posts in your device’s local storage, you need to download and install the latest GB Instagram APK. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how you can download and install the latest GB Instagram by using GB Instagram APK.

Latest GB Instagram APK

Now if you have planned to use a modified Instagram, so make sure that you should know completely about the application. This is important to know completely about the application, so GB Instagram APK is an APK file after download and installation which will work as a modified version of Instagram. This will not only help you in downloading images and videos, but it also comes up with numerous benefits, which you will get to know in the next points.

GB Instagram APK
[Important Tip:- Always before installing any application I am repeating any, you should ask some questions to yourself, what are the pros and cons of that application, why you are downloading it, it will be really helpful in completing your task? Know completely about the app, then proceed further to download it.]


Legitimate version

The most important thing this application is a legitimate version, so it is safe and Instagram authorities won’t be banned your account if you use GB Instagram.

Run on Non-Rooted device

This si the major issue with so many good applications, that they require rooting, but GB Instagram APK doesn’t require rooted device, it will work fine with non- rooted device.

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Zoom Images

In our normal Instagram app, we don’t have an option to zoom any image, so we can’t see any image clearly but in this GB Instagram you can zoom in and out the image to have a satisfied and clear view of any image.

Automatized translator

This modified Instagram app comes up with an automatic language translator. As the app developers know Instagram is a global application and sometimes it is tough for other users to translate the language if any of their connection posts in their native language. So for such a situation, GB Instagram APK developers try to make this app more user friendly, and this app converts everything into plain English so that every user can read and understand it.

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Active Status

You can hide your active status; with this you can enjoy app without letting anyone know. This is a good way to be hidden and use Instagram privately.

Copy Text

You can copy text from the Bio or Captions of any post, so if anyone’s writing or thoughts fanticise you can directly copy paste them, without typing every word. This is a time and energy-saving method.

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Dual Account

The original Instagram allows you to use only one account but this app facilitates its user to run two different account on a single app, yo can use one account as business and other one as personal account.


With loads of beneficiary and amazing features, this app carries many customization options with it, you can customize everything in this app. This app has numerous unique themes and you can try any of them and you can also choose from a number of font sizes. I would like to say that you can control and set up things as per your choice in this app.

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How to Download and Install latest GB Instagram APK

Now, you know all the features of the app and hence, we will tell you how to download and install latest GB Instagram APK on your device, to do so follow the given steps:

  • Open your Android device and go to settings.
  • And allow files from unknown sources.
  • Now, Download the latest GB Instagram APK file.
GB Instagram VersionDownload Link
3.6Click Here
3.7Click Here
  • Before downloading the APK file, ensure that your device has sufficient space.
  • Now, click on the above link or here to download the APK file.
  • After successful download, open the downloaded file.
  • A new page will be open, here tap on Next from the bottom-right corner.
  • Keep clicking on the Next option, until you found the Install option.
GB Instagram APK
  • Now tap on Install.
  • In a few seconds, the app will be installed.
GB Instagram APK
  • That’s it, now log in with your Instagram credentials.
  • Enjoy a new and modified Instagram and explore more features from it.

So that’s it from our side on GB Instagram APK, Instagram is a great application itself, but it prevents users from saving wonderful moments of their favorite stars. So, in that case, GB Instagram is a blessing for all followers. Also, users who wish to have some more features in Instagram can use GB Instagram to enjoy all the amazing features of the app.

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