Facebook Announces New Avatar Feature; Here is How to Create

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Facebook always intends to serve the best of its services to its user and this time Facebook announces a new Avatar feature. Like Bitmoji you can create your own emoji on Facebook too. Facebook’s new feature is rolled out for the US now and various users are enjoying it. It allows you to create your own emoji a mini version of yourself, you can use it in stories and in the comment section.


Facebook’s avatar is different from other emoji’s available on Facebook, you can create and show various expressions and in numerous tones, this is another best way to convey your thoughts in a different manner from others. If you also want to know about these interesting emojis and want to create your own avatar, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can create your own avatar and show it your friends, also you will know what else you can do with new avatar feature released for the US.

How to create Facebook’s New Avatar Feature?

Facebook‘s Bitmoji like avatar feature was firstly launched last year and available in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, But since it is launched in the US this feature is being used by numerous users, everyone seems happy and satisfied by creating their own emoji using the new feature provided by the tech giant Facebook.

new Avatar feature

If still you don’t know how to create emoticon of yours, So we are here, in this article we will discuss this step by step and you will know how you can create your own avatar.

Facebook’s avatar can be created in two ways, either by Facebook’s comment composer or through Messenger’s comment composer. Let’s see how to create a new avatar’s step by step

  • Step 1: Open Facebook on your Smartphone (Android/ iOS).
  • Step 2 (a): Go to the post in which you want to comment with your avatar (If you are making an avatar using Facebook’s comment composer).
  • Step 2 (b): Open the chat of the person to whom you want to share your avatar.
  • Step 3: Tap on the smiley face icon at the right corner of the comment writer section.
new Avatar feature
  • Step 4: Now a new purple color icon will be shown up.
  • Step 5: Tap on “Make Your Avatar” and start making your emoji.
  • Step 6: Here, you will have numerous customization options more than expected, create your avatar.
  • Step 7: Now it will allow you to post your own little versions or your emoticons.

It is remarkably interesting to see your own little versions with different expressions and it is much funnier than previously available emoji’s. After completing your new avatar, you can edit it through Facebook’s Bookmark section. To edit your avatar, you need to follow the following steps:

new Avatar feature
  • Open your Facebook on your smartphone (Android/ iOS).
  • Tap on three lines at the top-right corner.
  • Go to See More.
  • Then tap on Avatars.

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This is another convenient method to create an avatar through Facebook. The new avatar feature is available in Facebook’s comments and Messenger’s chat right now. Also, you can use an avatar into your Facebook’s Gaming profile but after some time it may be available for text posts with the background.

Facebook on Wednesday, i.e May 13 announces its new avatar feature. Also, if some people can’t see the avatar so don’t worry it is still rolling out and will be at your smartphone soon. Facebook also adding some more fascinating features, like new hairstyles, outfits, complexions.


But you can create your Avatar using the Facebook app only, you can’t make it through desktop Facebook, i.e. Facebook on your web browser. You can view all the emojis using a web browser but fro creating one you need to go back to your smartphone. Even if you want to edit your melodramatic expressive apotheosis so for that too you need to open your Facebook application and then you can make suitable changes.

Wrapping Up

Till now new avatar feature is only available in some countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand, England. I hope this amazing magical feature will be rolled out globally soon. And people throughout the globe will be able to make their emojis with different expressions and emotions. I hope you found this content useful and will surely use the method to create your own avatar.


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