How to Fix if Hulu Keeps Crashing

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Hulu keeps crashing often? Although Hulu is a stable platform, sometimes it runs into errors which is common across other applications as well.


Hulu is a popular on-demand streaming service similar to Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. It has a wide variety of movies under different genres and is supported on any device.

One of the common reasons why Hulu keeps crashing is because of its corrupted installation files or because the Hulu servers are down.

However, there are many other factors as well that play a role in this error. We have covered each of the possible reasons and also given a solution to fix the issue. 

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Hulu Keeps Crashing

Solutions to Fix if Hulu Keeps Crashing

Method 1: Check the Servers of Hulu

The first thing to check when Hulu keeps crashing often is to check the server status of Hulu. Since Hulu is a streaming platform, servers play a major role in terms of streaming.

To check the status of the servers, we recommend you check websites like It shows the live status of any website.

In case the Hulu servers are down, then we recommend you wait until the technical department of Hulu fixes the issue.

Method 2: Power Cycle Your Device

If you are streaming Hulu on devices like FireStick, Roku Tv, Samsung Tv, etc., then we recommend you to power cycle the device to fix the Hulu crashing issue.


Here is how you can power cycle any device:

  • Firstly, plug off the device from the socket.
  • Now, plug off the TV as well from the power source.
  • Wait for at least 5-10 minutes before plugging it back.
  • Let the device (FireStick, Samsung Tv, Roku, etc.,) boot up.
  • Once the device is completely booted, turn on the Hulu app and check if it is working fine or crashing.

Method 3: Reinstall the Hulu App

In case the power cycling of the device did not help, then we recommend you reinstall the Hulu application on your device. Here is how you can reinstall the Hulu app on any device:

  • Click on the application and select the ‘uninstall’ option.
  • Now, turn off the device for at least 5 minutes and then turn it on.
  • Try to navigate to the app store of the respective device and reinstall the Hulu application.
  • Launch the Hulu app and see if the crashing issue is fixed or not.

This solution will likely help in fixing the Hulu crashing issue.

Method 4: Change the Playback Quality

If you see that Hulu is constantly kicking you out while streaming any video, then probably there is an issue with the video streaming quality.


Maybe Hulu is unable to stream in the highest video quality settings you have set to. To change the playback quality of the video, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Hulu app and navigate to the profile section.
  • Now, navigate to the settings > cellular data usage.
  • Now, select the data saver option. The data saver option helps to stream the video in either low or mid-quality.

After you make the above settings, quit the settings page. Now, try to stream in the standard quality and check if the Hulu application is crashing or not.

Method 5: Check the Device Compatibility

Though Hulu supports all major platforms, make sure your streaming device as well is supported. To know about device compatibility, visit the help center of Hulu and look for your device in the list of supported devices.

In case your device isn’t compatible with the Hulu platform, then we recommend you stream through the browser.


Method 6: Clear the Cache and Cookies of your Browser

Your browser collects information from various websites that helps in improving your browser performance. This information is known as cache, and it is stored in your local folder. Though it might be beneficial to have cookies, sometimes it can be troublesome as well.

Follow the steps mentioned below to clear the cache of your browser:

  • Open the browser and click on settings.
  • Now, go to privacy and settings and then select “Clear browsing data.”
  • In the timeline, select “all time.”
  • Finally, select all the options like browsing history, cached images and files, cookies, and other site data.
  • Now, click on the “Clear data” option.

Method 7: Disable the Browser Extensions

Sometimes browser extensions and third-party extensions might cause trouble streaming on Hulu. Incompatible browser extensions interfere with the Hulu platform streaming.

To fix this issue, we recommend you turn off the browser extension or try to log in to Hulu on another browser where no extensions are installed.


To disable the browser extensions, we recommend you follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the browser and navigate to the options button present in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Now, go to “settings” and then click on the “extensions” option.
  • Try to disable all the extensions by turning off the toggle.

Method 8: Check Your Internet Connection

A minimum internet speed of 3 Mbps is needed to enjoy video streaming on Hulu. For 4K UHD content, even more, bandwidth is needed. So, if your Hulu account keeps crashing while streaming the content, then do check the internet speed.

We suggest you check the internet speed on websites like or If the speed test shows low internet speed, then we recommend you either reset the router and log in to your Hulu account or call your ISP to fix the internet issue.

Method 9: Log out of other devices

Another reason why Hulu keeps crashing is that the number of devices you are streaming Hulu on is exceeded. Try to log out of other devices that are not needed.


To log out of other devices in one go, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Hulu website and navigate to the login page. Provide your credentials and log in.
  • Now, go to your account and open “manage devices” to remove the other devices that are linked to your Hulu account.
  • Select “manage your devices” and open protect your account option.
  • Now, log out of other devices and try to log in again on the same system.
  • Create a new Hulu profile now and see if the Hulu crashing is fixed or not.

Method 10: Update the Firmware of your Device

Incompatibility between the software and the Hulu application might lead to the streaming issue on Hulu. In such cases, updating the firmware can solve the streaming issue. 

For this, 

  • Navigate to the setting section of your device (Firestick, Roku, Samsung, etc.) and check for the software update.
  • If your device shows there is any update on software, then we recommend you to update the firmware.


If your Hulu application keeps crashing, try using the fixes mentioned above and see which method helps you in resolving it.

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