Fix: “Sorry, you’ve used all your temporary codes” on Netflix


  • When logging in to your Netflix account from somewhere else, the ” Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes” Netflix error is frustrating.
  • Using a VPN, logging in from your mobile, and such activities help you solve the issue.
  • Otherwise, you can even cast Netflix on your TV.
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Are you also one of those who faces the ‘Sorry, you’ve used all your temporary codes’ Netflix error while using Netflix? Well, this is a common issue, and most need to learn how to resolve this issue. If you’ve experienced this problem and are seeking a solution, you’ve come to the right source.


It interrupts between you and your binge-watching sessions; hence, we have covered everything about what it is and how you can fix it!  

Sorry, you've used all your temporary codes

What are Netflix’s Temporary Codes?

Netflix temporary codes are four-digit codes that Netflix sends to account holders to verify their identity when trying to log in from their accounts. These codes are sent only if the device is not part of your primary location. This is a safety step to stop people from getting into accounts without permission.

Netflix monitors the IP addresses, devices, and what your account does. If a device from a different place tries to use your account, Netflix sends you a code for verification. 

How to Fix “Sorry, you’ve used all your temporary codes” on Netflix?

While the error bothers you, our tried and tested workarounds will ease you. Implement each of them to find the appropriate solution, and it depends on the cause. 

1. Limit Password Sharing

If you share your Netflix account with more than one person, you might claim you’re traveling to avoid this error message. However, if you misuse this option by sharing it with more people, Netflix may start restricting access to accounts not designated as part of your household.

Additionally, keep in mind that Netflix has limited the use of temporary access codes to two per month, and these codes remain valid for two weeks.

2. Route Your Traffic to Your Home Location

If you’re having trouble with Netflix while you’re away from home, the usual solution is to use a VPN. This directs your TV traffic to the home location. Thus, Netflix feels like your TV is at your home.

Several modern VPNs have this feature. One of the free features of NordVPN is Meshnet. Moreover, choose wisely, as there are fewer ones that Netflix still needs to detect. 

NordVPN Meshnet - Sorry, you've used all your temporary codes
NordVPN Meshnet

3. Watch from Mobile

If you’re facing the “Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes Netflix” error and can’t watch Netflix on your TV because you’re outside your household, consider using your mobile device. Mobile devices are not affected by the Netflix Household restrictions.

Netflix Mobile - Sorry, you've used all your temporary codes

If you’ve used Netflix on your mobile device while at your primary Netflix location (connected to the home WiFi) in the last 30 days, you can watch Netflix without any issues while traveling.

4. Cast Netflix to Your TV

If you are still seeing the same message “Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes” error on Netflix while trying to watch on your TV, cast Netflix from your PC or tablet to the TV. You can still access Netflix on your PC and mobile devices, even if you’re getting this error on your TV.

It is a simple, easy, and temporary workaround using Chromecast, HDMI, or a third-party program.


5. Pay An Extra Amount to your Netflix Account

If you’re having trouble using your Netflix account while traveling, paying an additional fee to add another user to your plan is one option. You can do this every month, and the extra cost will be added to your existing plan.

Netflix Plans - Sorry, you've used all your temporary codes

Typically, it costs around $8 to add a new user. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive a link to share with the new user. They can then use the provided login credentials to access the Netflix account.

If you still don’t get what you want, here is one more method to go for.

6. Wait For The Month To Complete

If none of the previously mentioned methods work for you, you can wait for the 30-day period to pass. After each monthly renewal, Netflix typically offers two temporary codes for users to use Netflix Household while traveling. However, this solution won’t be effective if you need to use Netflix while moving.


These methods solve the ‘Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes Netflix’ issue with straightforward steps and considerations.

7. Use Apple TV

Although this issue can happen on all types of TVs, some users have reported that they could bypass Netflix’s Household policy on their Apple TVs. This indicates that Apple TV is not affected by Netflix’s household rules. Apple cares about privacy and prohibits intruders from using anyone else’s device without permission.

Keep in mind that this workaround is not a permanent solution. Yet, if you have an Apple TV, it’s worth trying to open Netflix to see if it works. This allows you to access Netflix from anywhere without being restricted by the Netflix Household policy.

Can I Still Share My Netflix Password With Friends?

After dealing with the error message ‘Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes Netflix,’ this is the second most asked question: ‘Can I still share my Netflix password with my friends or someone?’. It is crucial to find this question’s answer after the decision of Netflix to stop this one.


You can share your Netflix password with friends, but it’s more complicated now. Netflix introduced a feature called ‘temporary codes.’ You must use a verification code to show you have permission. This might take time if the account owner is not around.

Unfortunately, you can’t keep getting verification codes over and over. Netflix hasn’t said how they’ll control this, so it might not work well for sharing.

Everyone on the account must log in from the central place at least once a month. If you and your friends are far apart, this could be a problem.

If you still want to watch Netflix with friends, you can pay $8 for your account to avoid these issues. Thus, Password sharing on Netflix is still working, but you must understand the rule we discussed in this topic.


The Conclusion

Dealing with this error message of Netflix’s “Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes” can be frustrating, but multiple solutions are available.

Whether you choose workarounds, rely on mobile devices, or wait for the renewal cycle, you can still enjoy your preferred content while on the move.

Applying these methods to resolve the issue can enhance your Netflix experience, making it smoother and uninterrupted.

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