Google Assistant will now Speak in Hindi

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Google launched Google Assistant in 2016 exclusively for Pixel Devices but a few months later, Google launched it for all Android 6.0+ devices running English.Though, Google did launch the Assistant in Hindi for Allo last year now the Company decided to turn out Assistant in Hindi for Android 6+ devices and will soon come for lollipop and iPhones.


Hindi is the major language spoken in India, with Google Assistant now working in Hindi would be great for the Users across the country. It will also help the more users who prefer speaking in Hindi.

Google Assistant is said to be “Truly Indian”, as it is expected to understand Indian Context. Google also states that a lot of time and efforts are made for the software in order to perform perfectly.Google Assistant is a product powered by machine learning. It’s built in two decades of the company’s experience, as well as natural language understanding, computer vision, and understanding user context. It is also said the Assistant would go fitter with time based on user’s content browsing, likes, dislikes.Google Assistant will now Speak in Hindi 1

Users can see what Google assistant is capable of doing in Hindi on their website.

With time, it would be great to see how much Assistant transcends and help Users across country in their own mother tongue.

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