How to Find Movies on Google Drive for Free? (Google Drive Movie Hack)

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Google Drive is one of the robust cloud storage platforms offering 15GB of free cloud storage space to every user unless he/she upgrades.


All the items stored on Google Drive are marked as restricted or private and can be seen by the person uploading it or to whom they share files explicitly.

You can access the content on Google Drive on any device, be it an iPhone or a Macbook or an Android or Windows device, and so on. 

You probably don’t know, but some people use Google Drive as a means to share content with others publicly.

This mainly consists of web series, programs, TV shows, and movies which means you can easily search any movie out there, and if it is available on Google Drive publicly, you can watch it too with ease.

Of course, Google requires users to set up each file as public for it to be indexed and shown to the public.

However, there’s no 100% surety that Google will index all the files that you shared with the public, which isn’t surprising as it goes alongside the websites and webpages Google indexes every day.

Here’s a know-how on how to find movies on Google Drive for free. You can use this 100% free Google Drive movie hack in your favor, although I would still mention, that you won’t be able to find all the movies on the cloud. Here’s how you can find movies, though.

Disclaimer: Google clearly mentions that users must comply with their countries’ local laws. Also, distributing movies can be illegal in some countries, which includes sharing movies with others or publicly for which you don’t have the necessary permissions. Although you can watch movies using this Google Drive movie hack, we don’t take any responsibility for the aftermath, so user discretion is advised.

How do movies on Google Drive show up on Google Search Results?

When you upload a file on Google Drive, it is listed as restricted or private by default. Say I upload a movie called “The Returns of TechLatest”, it is uploaded as private/restricted by default.


This means no one except me can find the movie anyways. I can still share with hundreds of people, and yet it will stay restricted.

However, if I change the permission to the public, Google bots are kicked off, and they will index the shared URL, and that is how it ends up in the search results.

You can use keywords to find the movie “The Returns of TechLatest”. You can preview it, download it on the drive or download it locally for later consumption. Here’s how you can find movies on Google Drive.

How To Find Movies on Google Drive For Free?

Here’s a Google Drive movie hack that you can use to download and watch movies using Google Drive for free. Here’s how to do it.


Step 01: First, open Google Search on your device (smartphone/PC).

Step 02: Search for the movie by adding the keyword Google Drive and let Google search for publicly available content that you can stream.

You can use general terms or narrow search results to find movies on Google Drive. Consider some examples for the movie “Pulp Fiction.”

Google Drive Movie Hack

General Search Terms

  • Google Drive Pulp Fiction
  • Pulp Fiction Google Drive
  • Pulp Fiction movie
  • Download Pulp Fiction google

Narrow Search Terms

  • Pulp Fiction 1994 Google Drive movie
  • Google Drive Pulp Fiction 1994 MKV movie
  • Pulp Fiction 1994 HD download
  • Pulp Fiction MP4 HD movie Google Drive
Google Drive Movie Hack

Note that these are just some of the terms (general and narrow search terms) that you can use to find the movies.

The process is basically trial and error because you can’t find all the movies on Google Drive and even if there’s a movie listed publicly, you may have to use several different searches before stumbling upon the best URL.

It is quite possible that a movie that someone uploaded hasn’t been indexed yet. In that case, you will have to wait till Google indexes it and the search results can be found.


How To Watch Google Drive Movies online?

You can watch movies on Google Drive online or you can download them to watch offline if you need. Here’s how to watch or stream Google Drive movies.

Step 01: First up, use general or specific search terms to find the movie that you want to watch.

Step 02: Once you find the link, tap on it to open it.

Step 03: Tap on the “Play” icon on the center of the movie screen, and that movie will stream right away.

Google Drive Movie Hack

How To Download Google Drive Movies?

Many people prefer watching movies offline. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 01: First, search for the said movie on Google Drive.

Step 02: Once you get the movie, tap on it. This will either give you a play screen. You can tap on the “Download” icon on the top-left corner to download it offline.

Google Drive Movie Hack

Step 03: If there’s no preview available, you will get an option to download the file right away so tap on “Download”.

Google Drive Movie Hack

Step 04: Google will automatically scan the downloaded file for viruses, however, if the size of the movie is huge, Google may not be able to scan the file so tap on “Download Anyway”.

Note that Google states that there is a certain quota of downloads available so if you are downloading a movie that many other users have downloaded the same day, you will see a warning saying “Quota Exceeded”.

This means you won’t be able to download the movie in question so you will have to wait for someone to get your hands on the movie, or just follow the below guide to fix the issue.

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How To Add a Movie on Google Drive?

You can even add a movie on Google Drive to stream it on other devices as well. Here’s how you can add movies to download on Google Drive. Note that it will not be available locally, and you will have to access the Drive to stream it.

Step 01: First, search for the movie that you want to watch.

Step 02: Open the file when a preview screen should arrive.

Step 03: On the top-right corner, tap on “Add to Drive.”

Google Drive Movie Hack

Step 04: After the process is done, go to your Google Drive account, and you will find the said movie.

How To Play Google Drive Movies?

Turns out you cannot play all types of formats on your desktop after downloading the movie offline. Thus, you need a robust media player to carry out the function, and what better way to do it than VLC Player?

It is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS as well, allowing playback of more formats than many leading media players. You will be able to play movies downloaded from GDrive with VLC.

Closing Phrases

And with that, we have finally concluded our guide on how to find movies on Google Drive for free and watch them online or offline.


This is one of the many Google Drive movie hacks that you will find here on TechLatest, so do follow the website for more such content.

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