Google is Still Tracking Us in Chrome Incognito Mode; Faces $5B Lawsuit

Google Chrome
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We or at least the normal users think that while using the incognito mode in any browser (like Google Chrome) means we are totally anonymous, but this isn’t the case with Google Chrome.


According to Google, “Incognito doesn’t mean invisible”, Google simply want to imply that if you are using the incognito mode, then this doesn’t mean that you aren’t being tracked, for an extent, yes, many data aren’t being collected by Google but there a few things that Google is keeping a record of, in the incognito mode.

This is an older story to be covered, back then in June 2020, three people from the States dragged Google to the US court in a $5B lawsuit for tracking users even in Incognito mode but at that time Google simply gave an excuse to get rid of the case that people already knew that they were being tracked in the incognito mode.

The matter awakens again when a federal judge from the US district court gave a statement and ruled that the lawsuit must go forward.

The court concludes that Google did not notify users that Google engages in the alleged data collection while the user is in private browsing mode.” – US District Judge Lucy Koh

Google Chrome

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Google is still believing that they are right here and they will defend themselves vigorously against it.

According to a report covered by The Verge, Google tries to clarify that “‘Incognito’ does not mean ‘invisible,’ and that the user’s activity during that session may be visible to websites they visit, and any third-party analytics or ads services the visited websites use,

The thing here that Google is trying to say that people already knew that they are being tracked but at the same time the California district judge is refusing to dismiss the lawsuit only because of this reason.


We think that Google should at least written somewhere that we are being tracked, as Google thinks it a matter of common sense, but actually it is not. But again we think that it isn’t 100% Google fault. If any website is using a tracking service like Google Analytics then the website owner would want to collect every data even in incognito mode. Also, this is the browser’s duty to inform the users that the website you are visiting you track your data.

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