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May 12, 2024


In Google Chrome, users often encounter the error 105 ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED. This is an issue with DNS resolution.  When you enter a URL to a website and hit Enter in…
How to Fix err_empty_response error in Google Chrome?
Mar 10, 2023

Fix: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Google Chrome

You will be glad to know that this ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Google Chrome can be fixed with a few simple steps which we are going to take…
Nov 26, 2022

Google Pushes Chrome Update to Fix its 8th Zero-day Vulnerability of the Year

Recently, Google pushed out an emergency security update for the desktop version of its Google Chrome browser; well, this is the eighth Zero-day vulnerability that Google has…
Chrome Logo
Nov 10, 2022

Malicious Extension Hits Google Chrome; Allowing Hackers to Take Control Remotely

Chrome, which is used by many around the world, stores user info and supports a wide variety of Extensions which makes it the target for malware attacks.…
Best Google Chrome Themes
Jul 15, 2022

How to Fix the err_ssl_protocol_error on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome provides one of the smoothest web browsing experiences ever. A user-friendly interface is one of the biggest advantages of even a not-so-tech-friendly person who can…
Windows 10
Jun 28, 2022

How to Fix NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED Error on Google Chrome?

Many Windows 10 users have faced the NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED error on their Google Chrome browsers, and they face this issue when the website they visit is having issues…
Google Chrome
Jan 27, 2022

10+ Best Chrome Flags to Use This Year

Google's Chrome flags are ways of enhancing your browsing experience and work with different features. So, let's discuss the best Chrome flags to use in Google Chrome…
Change Google Background
May 24, 2021

How to Change Google Background in Any Browser?

In this article, I am going to show you how to change Google background on your desktop and mobile devices in easy steps. After this, you will…
Google Chrome
Mar 16, 2021

Google is Still Tracking Us in Chrome Incognito Mode; Faces $5B Lawsuit

We or at least the normal users think that while using the incognito mode in any browser (like Google Chrome) means we are totally anonymous, but this…
Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox
Sep 20, 2020

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox: Advantages & Disadvantages

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox, these three are widely used and most popular web browsers, and when it comes to the best among these…
Web Browsers
Jul 3, 2020

How to Fix Confirm Form Resubmission ERR_CACHE_MISS Error

Confirm Form Resubmission or ERR_CACHE_MISS is a very common error, for a non-tech user it may be an error but as a technical person, we can't consider…
Jun 12, 2020

How to Fix ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Error in Google Chrome

You can Fix ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Error in Google Chrome by several methods but you will need to detect the source for the thing that is causing the problem.…
May 15, 2020

Google Chrome to Block ADs that Hinder your Battery, Network, and CPU

Google Chrome always block ads on sites that didn't comply with the Better Ads Standards. They started doing this in 2018. It always tries to make sure…
Apr 28, 2020

How to Send Any Link Between Google Chrome on PC and Android Phone

Google Chrome is one of the best and most used web browsers out there. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. This browser is equally…
Apr 25, 2020

How To Create Your Own Chrome Browser Theme

People use browsers all day and the browser has a bland look all day every day. You can use plenty of great Google Chrome themes to customize…

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