How to Send Any Link Between Google Chrome on PC and Android Phone

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Google Chrome is one of the best and most used web browsers out there. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. This browser is equally popular on mobile OSs like Android and iOS. Most of use Google Chrome browser to surf the internet and while we are surfing, we come across many interesting articles. We might want to share those articles without friends and family instantly with messaging apps.


To get it on the mobile device we might have to visit that particular site and get that link even though it is not difficult but it is boring.

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How to Send Any Link from Google Chrome PC to Android Device

To send any link or tab from Google Chrome to Android device, you have to follow some simple steps given below. Before following the steps, make sure that you have logged in with the same account on both desktop and Android versions of Chrome.

  • Open Chrome on your PC.
  • Sign in to your Google Account and turn on sync in Chrome.
  • Go to the page you want to share.
  • Click the address bar, you will find a PC icon.
google chrome pc link to device
  • Choose the device you want to share the link to.
  • On your chosen device, you will get a notification about the page you’ve shared with yourself.

Tip: You can also right-click on a link or a page then click on Send to your devices.

google chrome pc link to device

And this is how you can send a link from Google Chrome to Android without using any third-party app.

How to Send Any Link from Android Device to Google Chrome PC

  • On your Android device, open your Google Chrome app.
  • In the address box, tap on the Share icon and then on Send to your devices.
  • Select a device to send your page to.

A notification appears when your device receives the page or article you shared. That’s it! this is how you send any link from an Android device to any other device like the PC.

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