Top 10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps

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Anonymous chat apps let you meet people without sharing your personal identity. Whether you want to message your crush or want to annoy any friend, these anonymous chat apps will definitely help you. Moreover, you can make new friends, acquaintances, or might even find a relationship partner.


So, if you are looking for someone with whom you could chat or in search of a partner? Then our 10 best anonymous chat apps will help to get rid of hesitation, discomfort, and end up finding friends and love.

What are the Best Anonymous Chat Apps?

The following are some of the handpicked and best anonymous chatting apps. Look at all the details to find the best one:


Chatous - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

How about talking with anonymous people to share your real side with?

If you are looking for a place to meet strangers and have a heart-to-heart talk, then Chatous is one of the most popular platforms to deal with.

Launched in 2012, it has shown exceptional exponential growth. Now, millions of people worldwide are using Chatous. With so many people around, you will never feel lonely.

Its algorithm is designed to connect like-minded people. In this way, you can meet people with the same vibe as you have. With similar choices or backgrounds, you can make new friends if you are tired of your old friends and associates.

Your search about topics you care about by searching for the desired hashtag, and you’ll also see users with similar interests. Then connect to your chat room. 

With the help of its audio and video chat feature, you can turn your chat into a real-time conversation. It lets you connect better by sharing images. Besides, caring for your privacy is the prime courtesy of Chatous.


Therefore, keep your identity hidden and safe. This helps to maintain a more cordial and loyal bond without any hesitation.

Psst- It’s a Secret

Whisper - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Are you bothered about people judging you?

If yes, you might have a troublesome experience being someone you’re not. Decked up by society’s standards, you must be missing out on the real you! 

But, “Psst- It’s a Secret,” as the name suggests, keeps your identity confidential. Meet anonymous people online just by using your smartphone. The small-sized app helps you vent out what your heart feels.


The fear of being judged the insecurities of being bullied have surrounded everyone. Surprisingly, here you do not have to pretend to be an ideal social animal. 

It’s the right place to find new friends,  discover the right side of someone, or you might also find the ideal partner for you. You can say whatever you feel like, share your true side, confess your feelings, and everything would be confidential between you two.

Moreover, everything will be a secret, as the name suggests! 


Whisper - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Do you wanna share your feelings with someone who understands you better?


If yes, then Whisper is the ideal app for you. Here, you can connect with people amongst whom you share similar interests.

Be it in like-minded social groups or people. Whisper is one of the social media apps that help you post or share messages without revealing his/her identity.

There are many different types of posts on Whisper. Some of them are serious, and some are just for fun. The app is popular with teenagers, but it is massively used by adults also!

Whisper is the anonymous chat app that makes it easier to share your thoughts and feelings with others. It’s a place to connect with people who understand you without the fear of being judged.


The app is free to download and use, and there are no ads. Whisper is not a place for bullying or hate speech. Moreover, the app is not recommended for children to use.

But be careful not to send any offensive messages, else that might delete your account, or you might face legal issues as well. - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Do you believe in expression more than in impression?

If yes, then is the right social app for you. When you believe more in impression, you choose less to be yourself and more of others. You choose to live so that you are not judged in any way.


You forget to live your life. It is always easier to talk to someone anonymously and without any pressure of being judged.

But this is the ideal platform! Here, you can express yourself freely. Be it confessing your feelings or finding a true friend who listens to you without any irritation, you can find both of them here. is a new anonymous chat app that lets you chat with unknown people you are more likely to connect with.

You can search for people by age, gender, and location and start chatting anonymously right away! As the name “”, it connects you in a way with someone more personal.


It can be used to talk about anything and everything anonymously. The app was created with the idea of bringing people together and providing a safe space for them to share their thoughts, feelings, and pictures.

It’s like a social network where you don’t have to publicly post or reveal your identity to those you communicate with.

Meet Me

Meet Me - Best Anonymous Chat Apps
Meet Me

Meet Me is another leading random stranger text app that allows you to chat anonymously.

It allows you to chat with people from all over the world. The app has been designed to be easy and accessible for everyone. Meet Me is available for Android, iOS, and web browsers.


The advanced algorithm of Meet Me helps in finding people with the same mutual interests. Hence, you are more likely to connect with people sharing a similar vibe.

Hence, you are more prone to come across people sharing similar vibes. Whether you’re looking for a suitable date, a friend, or just an associate to share feelings, Meet Me is the perfect way to make connections with like-minded people.

It’s the ideal platform for you to spread your words and establish cordial relations with strangers who deserve to spend time with you.

You can even go live to stream across the platform and feel the love you want. It’s free to use the app on your Smartphone. However, it’s recommended only for adults.


Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating

Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating - Best Anonymous Chat Apps
Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating

Do you want a social media profile to get the most suitable date for you?

If yes, then Anonymous Chat Rooms is a far better platform than most other dating apps and sites out there. Here, you can create your profile, connect with people you are interested in and then connect in private chat rooms.

From searching partners for online dating to connect with people for having a heart-to-heart talk, the app serves all your purpose. The app is free to use, and you can chat for free. However, premium plans do kick in later on, which are optional.

Even if you are not interested in dating but wanna spend your leisure time, the app suits you. You can spend quality time with anonymous people with whom you vibe well.


From casual friendship to laughter, from expression to confession, you can do anything without revealing your identity. That’s the most fantastic part of the app as people often fear to join such apps, especially introverts. 

Overall, the app doesn’t support bots or ads. It never tolerates spam, violence, or offensive messages. Besides, it’s not named, and no saved history features protect your privacy.


Mico - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

How about a platform with the best GUI for finding prospects?

Mico is a chat app that provides a safe place to talk anonymously. It is available on iOS and Android and has been downloaded over 10 million times.


The app is designed in such a way that it will not require an email or mobile phone to register. It is with the idea of creating an anonymous space for people to talk about their problems without the fear of being judged by anyone else. 

Mico’s team believes in the power of empathy, which is why they have built an anonymous chat app that can help us all with our problems, big or small.

It lets you chat with people without revealing your personal information. It’s a place where you can meet new people and make friends.

You can use Mico to chat with strangers using text messages or voice messages. It even lets you discover like-minded anonymous people from your area.


Using it, you can make friends worldwide. Even sharing files has become more accessible. Be it photos, videos, or voice messages. You can thus send a private message to your friends using the app.


Moco - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

If you love meeting new people, Moco is for you!

Moco was the first anonymous chat app that had given its users a real-time feed of all the people nearby. The app intends to connect you with new people as efficiently as possible.

That’s why the app lets you see who’s around you, chat anonymously with them, and meet up in person.


The app is available for Android and iOS devices. The app has a simple interface with just a few options. It has an instant messaging feature, where you can chat with anonymous people.

Moreover, you can also share photos and videos anonymously with other people in the chatroom. 

Moco also provides features like group chats and broadcasting, where users can create groups of up to 5 members, who can then broadcast messages to all the members in the group simultaneously.

Overall, Moco is not just an anonymous chat app; it’s also a social network for those who want to stay anonymous on their mobile device.



WhosHere - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

WhosHere is an anonymous chat app that allows people to chat anonymously with one another. The app has more than 100 million downloads on the play store. You can choose to be seen by others or not, and they can also choose which country they’re in.

The app was launched in 2011, and it was the first of its kind to offer an anonymous chat option for users. It has since been followed by other apps like SecretChat and Chatzy, which provide similar services.

It is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. This app does not require any registration, login, or signup to use it.

The app has a chat feature that two people can use within a specific range of each other. It also has a map feature which shows you where all your friends are on the map and how close they are to you. This way, you can easily find friends when you’re out and about.


Wakie - Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Wakie is a free anonymous chat app that lets you connect with people who share the same interests as you. It’s another fantastic platform where you can chat anonymously without fear of being judged.

You can connect with people with the same interests. It can help you create a chat room and invite whoever you want to join.

You can use Wakie if you want to talk to people anonymously or if you want to talk about things that are not appropriate for public discussion. It was designed for people who want to talk about their interests and hobbies with other people in a private and anonymous environment.

You can find new friends, make new connections, or have fun talking about what you love. Wakie Anonymous Chat is the ultimate anonymous chat app.

It is an entirely unknown chat app that lets you chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime. With Wakie, you can send and receive messages without any fear of being tracked down.

It even lets you create a group chat and invite people from your contacts list to join in on the conversation.

It will never share your data with anyone else or sell it to third parties for advertising purposes. The app takes care of your privacy and keeps your account secure.

The Wrap Up

Anonymous Chatting Apps give you the desired space that you need to vent out your frustration. They help make new friends and find more unique partners.

It would help if you were careful while using the Anonymous app to choose the right. Else, it will hinder your privacy, and you could fall into more significant problems. So, you even read the descriptions of the apps to avoid regrets. Start chatting now with someone worth your time.

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