Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox: Advantages & Disadvantages

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox
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Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox, these three are widely used and most popular web browsers, and when it comes to the best among these three, we might get pause for a while, think a lot, and still unable to consider one as the best among others because all the three browsers are great at their own pace.


For once, we would consider Google Chrome as the best, but what about Microsoft’s redressed and reimagined Edge, it is outperforming in all the fields, and how we can neglect the most secure private browsing with Mozilla Firefox. So much confusing, right? That’s why, here in this article, we are with a deep comparison between Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox. Let us see who is winning the race.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox

We will compare all the three browsers upon some criteria and also conclude who is the winner of the round, So let’s get started


Microsoft Edge- Microsoft Edge was originally designed and developed by Microsoft, Inc. for Windows 10 operating system and Xbox One in 2015.

Originally it was built using Microsoft’s browser engine EdgeHTML and their Chakra JavaScript Engine, and in 2019 Edge was redesigned on Blink and v8 engine and Chromium-based browser, and now we have latest, redressed model of Microsoft Edge who is giving a hard competition to its opponent.

Google Chrome- Google Chrome is designed and developed by Google, and it is a cross-platform web browser (it is used and implemented on multiple computing platforms) launched in 2008.

Mozilla Firefox- Mozilla Firefox is designed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary Mozilla Corporation launched in 2002 as ‘Phoenix’, and then in 2004 as ‘Mozilla Firefox’.

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Home Page

Microsoft Edge- Microsoft Edge offers a very interactive and user-friendly home page, it comes up with a tab page with Bing as a default search engine. Well, you can customize the home page completely as you want. You can add Google Page to be starting page and other things.


Google Chrome- Most of us are familiar with the Google chrome’s home page, it comes up with its traditional simple look and Google is the default search engine, and you can directly access Gmail from the home page only. Google Chrome also offers various customization options but not more than Chromium-based Edge.

Mozilla Firefox- Being the oldest web browser among the other two, Mozilla firefox offers a simple home page with quite a simplified look and feel. Although it doesn’t offer many customization options, we can say that Mozilla Firefox is much more focussed on user’s security and privacy.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox- Conclusion: If we get a little deep into default home page settings, so we found that Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are more focussed on user’s experience while Mozilla Firefox believes in providing more secure and private environment. Both things are important, if you can compromise with one so go with another.

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Device Casting

Microsoft Edge- For casting Microsoft Edge uses Miracast or DLNA protocol. DLNA protocol is compatible with a greater number of devices for screencasting.

Google Chrome- Google Chrome uses Chromecast for screencasting purposes. 

Mozilla Firefox- We doidn’t find anything for screencasting in Mozilla Firefox, but yes you can always cast your screen using third-party software like Camtasia Studio, iShowU HD, etc.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox- Conclusion: The Winner of this round is Microsoft Edge because Chromecast isn’t much compatible with other devices.


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Microsoft Edge- Initially, Microsoft Edge when it was released in 2015 has to struggle a lot but it was unable to achieve a position in Top/good web browsers. But since it has been recorded with Chromium-based code, it is showing outstanding performance. The new Microsoft Edge offers numerous features and functionalities. And also acquire top position in some benchmarking tests.

Google Chrome- Whenever we talk about the best performing browser Google Chrome comes at the top of the list. Google Chrome was launched with Chromium code, so it features all the functionalities from years that are possessed by Microsoft edge now.

Mozilla Firefox- When it comes to the performance of Mozilla Firefox, it doesn’t stand anywhere when compared with the above two browsers, here we are comparing all the web browsers in terms of performance, i.e. speed, response time and such things. Although we are not saying that Mozilla Firefox is the worst browser in terms of performance it is below Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.


Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox- Conclusion: With the updated libraries Microsoft Edge is considered to be the best web browser, or we can keep Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome side by side. But Mozilla Firefox is not that much efficient when compared to Chrome and Edge.

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RAM Consumption

Note: No extensions/add-ons were installed while testing.

Microsoft Edge- When we tried on my system, after clearing all the cache, Microsoft Edge was consuming about 319 MB of RAM.


Google Chrome- Similarly, we also checked Google Chrome’s RAM consumption it was eating about 440 MB of Disk Space in my PC.

Mozilla Firefox- When we check for Mozilla Firefox, it was consuming about 542 MB of disk space.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox- Conclusion: Hence, the conclusion is clearly mentioned, but it was a bit shocking for me when we saw Mozilla Firefox is consuming more RAM than Google Chrome. But this scenario will completely change with a bunch of extensions installed. And Microsoft edge is considered as the winner of this round.

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Microsoft Edge- So, in terms of extensions, Microsoft Edge got no competitions. Microsoft Edge is an extension-rich web browser it has complete extensions available with earlier Edge, also it has all extensions of Google Chrome which are available at Chrome Web Store, and some more extensions. So, Microsoft Edge has almost all the extensions available right now.

Google Chrome- Google Chrome has a complete web store for its extensions, which can add more features into your browser, and make it more convenient and handier.

Mozilla Firefox- Mozilla Firefox isn’t that much rich in terms of extension libraries, it has some add-ons available at

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox- Conclusion: Undoubtedly, the winner of this Round is Microsoft edge which offers a diverse range of extensions, which will make it best among other browsers. Google Chrome is amazing in terms of extensions, but for now, it can’t beat Microsoft Edge.


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All the three browsers were used by NSS labs to open 304 SEM (Socially Engineered Malware) to display which web browser block the more malwares. So here, are the surprising results

Microsoft Edge- Microsoft edge acquires the first place by blocking 99% of malware. Microsoft Edge is able to have such higher malware block percentage because it offers a Smart Screen feature in its browser, which shows the users that the site they are going to visit is comprising malware by displaying a bright red page.

Microsoft edge updates with each windows update, so which means it will get lesser updates. And it comes up with Private browsing mode.


Google Chrome- Google Chrome browser was able to block only 85.8% of malware pages. Google Chrome updated most frequently, and it makes it more secure and reliable and much more updated with the latest security patches. It offers an incognito mode for private searches.

Mozilla Firefox- Mozilla Firefox managed to block about 78.3% of malware, which was quite disappointing. It also gets faster updates and which makes this browser more secure and updated to the latest security patches. If we talk in terms of security Mozilla Firefox is more secure and it blocks more trackers and malware in private browsing too.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox- Conclusion: It’s tough to decide one as a winner because Microsoft edge is best when it is about malware page blocking, but it gets updates lately, so it won’t be updated to latest security patches. Hence, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are best in terms of the latest security patches, and Mozilla Firefox should be the first choice when it comes to the most secure and safe private browsing. So the winner of this round is a tie.

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In terms of synchronization, all of the three browsers are completely standalone and have no competitions. All three browsers are properly synced with their accounts like Microsoft Edge needs Microsoft account, Google Chrome needs Google account and similarly, Firefox needs Mozilla account.

So, in this comparison every one of the three will be considered as winner.

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Multi-Platform Support

Microsoft Edge- Microsoft Edge is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, and it is said that it may be available for the Linux operating system in 2020.


Google Chrome- Google Chrome is supported by muliple platorms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Mozilla Firefox- It is also available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox- Conclusion: We can’t consider one as a winner, because all if them offers similar multi-platform compatibility, and if Microosft edge comes up for Linux so all of them will be same.

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Download Microsoft Edge
Download Google Chrome
Download Mozilla Firefox

So here’s the deep comparison between Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox. I hope now you can choose one among Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox if you are more concern about security and privacy, so I would recommend you to go with Mozilla Firefox, although Firefox lacks in various aspects but it more secure private browsing, and if your major concern is to enhance the user experience, so for sure you can opt anyone from the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Interestingly, both of the web browsers are designed using the same base Chromium code, well, some other codes are added into both browsers. But Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome both are mostly similar and we can say that Microsoft Edge is more enhanced and functional than Google Chrome. So closing this article here, I hope you would like the content if you have some more suggestions so please let us know in the comment section.


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