Google Releases February Update for Pixel Devices; What it Includes?


  • Google’s Pixel February update improves stability and performance.
  • Fixes address display and connectivity issues for Pixel 8 and Fold models.
  • Users are urged to update promptly for a smoother experience and enhanced security.
Google releases February update for Pixel devices
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Google has pushed the February update for its Pixel devices, following its constant monthly update schedule.


While there are no showy new additions, this update focuses on improving stability and performance and fixing particular issues with the Pixel 8 and Fold models. Check out the details.

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Google February Update; What its Got?

One of the most important components of this update is the inclusion of the most recent security patch, which addresses vulnerabilities identified in the February 2024 Android Security Bulletin.

This ensures that Pixel users are protected from threats, demonstrating Google’s dedication to device security.

Furthermore, a critical fix addresses a display corruption issue that affected these devices under specific circumstances, resulting in a more consistent visual experience.

The update addresses an issue with the outer display for Pixel Fold users, resulting in a more seamless and uninterrupted experience across both panels.

Google Pixel

Furthermore, general enhancements have been made to improve Wi-Fi stability and performance, potentially eliminating connectivity issues that some users have reported.

Upon installation, most global models will be updated to software version UQ1A.240205.002, while Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models will receive version UQ1A.240205.004.


Notably, Verizon models will follow a slightly different upgrade path, with most devices receiving UQ1A.240205.002.A1, except Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models, which will receive UQ1A.240205.004.A1. Similarly, SoftBank Japan models will see variances in updated versions.

The update includes general enhancements to improve system stability and performance across all supported Pixel devices.

Users should expect a smoother operational experience, with faster app launches and overall improved responsiveness, resulting in more seamless user interaction.

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro have received specific modifications aimed at improving camera performance and image quality.


While the February update may not include breakthrough additions, it is nevertheless crucial for assuring the security, performance, and stability of Pixel devices, as well as addressing particular device-related concerns.

Users are recommended to apply the update as soon as it becomes available on their devices to take advantage of the improved user experience.

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For those looking for full patch notes and specific fixes, Google provides an official Pixel upgrade Bulletin, which is accessible through Android Police and adds transparency and legitimacy to the upgrade process.


Overall, Google’s commitment to regular updates demonstrates its commitment to providing Pixel customers with a secure, dependable, and optimized experience, ensuring that their devices remain at the forefront of innovation and functionality in the ever-changing field of smartphone technology.


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