How Often Do Snap Scores Update?


  • Snap scores represent your Snapchat activities and the time you spend on the app.
  • But scores not increasing give a different level of grief where you would be worried if you have involved yourself in a lot of activities recently.
  • You would bothered about how often these scores refresh where we have a recuse; let’s dig into the details.
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The constant urge to click a snap of everything you eat and maintain streaks with everyone is what you all would love!


Well, it’s the new age of expression. Interacting with friends, discussing Snapchat, and clicking selfies with different lenses is a new way to make memories. 

Yet, the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicks in when your friends score better on Snapchat. Moreover, it often feels embarrassing when someone pin-points your low scores despite everything.

Frustrated with such instances, you suddenly become too active for specific hours, yet the scores might be unsatisfactory often. 

Here’s where you would be looking for how often Snap scores update, and we have covered you all with it! 

How Often Do Snap Scores Update?

Various factors determine the updating time of a Snapchat score. Yet, on average, you can expect it to update within 5 minutes after sending a snap or a streak. 

Apart from that, Snapchat also has fixed intervals, after which it refreshes the score for updation. However, the delay is more prolonged if you monitor someone else’s snap score. This is because their change would reflect much later in your account.

Though Snapchat updates snap scores frequently within a usual 5-minute delay, sometimes it does take longer. This is because its servers often execute the process in various slots. All of it ensures that Snap scores don’t crash due to overload. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t bother if you notice a lag, as it takes time.


Do Snap Score Update Immediately? 

No, as mentioned above, Snap scores don’t update immediately. For specific instances, you can expect this, but this is not the usual case as it becomes tiresome for the servers to handle and refresh. 

How To Fix Snap Scores Not Updating?

If, even after several hours of various Snapchat activities, your score doesn’t update after a day or so on, then it would be bothering you. 

Various solutions are used with which you can fix it: 

1. Check Server Status 

Think of trying multiple solutions to update your scores, messing up with your Snapchat account only to check that the app has crashed. Well, it often happens when the app crashes; that is, the servers are down or under maintenance. 


To verify if that’s the issue: Go to Downdetector’s Snapchat page and check whether the servers are down.

Snapchat Downdetector

If you see the message “User reports indicate no current problems at Snapchat,” its servers are not down. But if there’s an error message, you’ll have to wait until the issue is resolved.

Yet, if servers are working usually, then the following method will help you fix it. 

2. Troubleshoot Internet Connection 

Another prominent reason your Snap Score doesn’t update is a poor internet connection. While it’s apparent for you to think that checking server status also requires internet connectivity, then how is it a reason?


Well, checking server status needs a browser with average internet connectivity. At the same time, Snapchat is a heavy application and needs more internet connection to function.

In cases of poor internet connectivity, the scores do update but take time to reflect on your account. In the worst cases, the server isn’t able to detect the activity as well. 

So, check your internet connection and put it on airplane mode to see if it works. For WiFi users, you can restart the router to fix the issue. 

3. Clear App Cache 

You would have a lot of temporary files in Snapchat, which would fill the app’s cache memory. Here’s where clearing it helps you resolve the issue. 


Clear Snapchat Cache on Android 

  1. Close all the recent apps, including Snapchat.
  2. Go to Settings and open Apps.
  3. Navigate to Snapchat and select Storage.
Clear Snapchat App
  1. Tap Clear cache.

Clear Snapchat Cache on iOS

  1. Open recent apps, and drag Snapchat upwards. 
  2. This would close Snapchat from the recent apps. 

Now, when you open Snapchat, it will work fine! 

4. Clear App Data 

If the above method doesn’t work, then probably the Snapchat data has gone corrupt. It happens due to a number of reasons, which can be on your end in the app while it can be an issue with your phone as well. 

To clear app data on Android: 

  1. Open Settings and go to Apps
  2. Scroll down to Snapchat and choose Storage.
  3. Tap Manage Storage and confirm the prompt to clear the app data.

It is noteworthy that it would delete all your Snapchat app data and hence, you would have to login to your profile again. 

Further, for the iPhone, the only way to not is to reinstall Snapchat. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Someone’s Snap Score?

To check someone’s Snap score, Tao on their Bitmoji. It will open a further window showing their profile details, and below their name, you will see scores in digits. 

But you can view someone’s Snap score only if you are friends on Snapchat and not otherwise. 

How to Refresh Someone’s Snap Score?

There isn’t a way to refresh someone else’s Snascorr manually. Instead, you can choose the app, clear its cache, and reload to check the updated score. Yet, you should consider that if the scores still don’t update, then you will have to wait until certain hours. 

Can You See Who Checked Your Snap Score?

No, you cannot know who checked your Snapchat. The platform does provide more control and monitoring over your profile like notifying you while a screenshot has been taken. However, it doesn’t notify you about snap scores. 

How Much Score Do I Get Per Snap?

For every Snap that you send or receive, Snapchat gives you 1 score point. Some claim they have received 3 or 4, yet it doesn’t happen otherwise. If you know someone who did gain more than 1 point for each snap, then it is due to app glitches or server issues. 

How to Increase Snap Score?

Snap score represents how much you use the snap and your activity on it. Thus, there are different methods to increase your snap score, all legit.

Below-mentioned is a list of the same: 

  1. Send and Receive Snaps: The most used method is to send and receive snaps to your various friends and other people whom you add. Consequently, each snap that you send, receive, or open increases your Snapchat score. 
  2. Try Different Filters and Lens For Your Snaps: Another tip to increase your snap score is to use different lenses and filters for the snaps and photos you click via phone. It will enhance them and even add up to your Snapchat score. 
  3. Increased Participation In Snapchat Challenges: Participate in different Snapchat challenges whenever you notice any. Thus, by fulfilling the task, you can earn more points in less time. It massively increases your Snapchat score. 
  4. Frequently Use Snapchat: As mentioned earlier, Snapchat score measures your app usage and its related activities. So, use the app more frequently to increase your score and thus stand distinct from your friends. 
  5. Add More Friends and Snapchatters: The number of friends indirectly relates to the number of snaps you would send or receive daily. Hence, more number always helps positively. So, add more friends to increase your score. Further, if you are comfortable, then you can even add random Snapchatters to make connections with them and improve your score. 
  6. Add Celebrities To Snapchat: Another pro tip is to add celebrities to your Snapchat profile. Please navigate to the search section, find your favorite celebs, and add them. Next, capture a snap and send it to all the celebrities you have added. Thus, after some time, when you refresh the app, you will see an increased Snap score. You can continue this practice daily, and don’t worry, as no one would blacklist you! 
  7. Capture Multiple Snaps To Increase Snap Scores: Another hack that increases snap score at once, which is 10× more effective, is to capture multiple snaps. In Snapchat, you can tap multiple snaps and capture up to 10 simultaneously. So, when you send them and forward them to celebrities, it increases your Snap score in a geometric progression. 
  8. Additional Tips To Increase Snapchat Score: Some small considerations could help you increase your Snapchat score. Add random Snapchatters and even your friends. Send them multiple snaps at once and even maintain a streak with them. Further, if you choose an appealing photo, then it is more beneficial. 

Moreover, don’t forget to post them in your story with access to everyone for further effectiveness. 

Even if you don’t have much time to spend on Snapchat, there’s another workaround without it. Stop opening Snapchat for a long time. You can even consider uninstalling it. Afterward, when you open it after a long time, Snapchat will reward you with bonus points for opening it after a long time. Thus, being inactive on the app also rewards you. 

Can My Snapchat Score Decrease?

No, Snapchat scores don’t decrease; they instead stay constant or increase with time. Moreover, Snapchat has various activities and options that increase your score. 

Why can’t I see someone’s score on Snapchat?

You cannot see someone else’s Snapchat score if you haven’t added them to the app. If you both are friends and still can’t see, then it would be a temporary glitch.

Moreover, as of now (March 2024), Snapchat doesn’t give the option to hide the Snap score from anyone or keep it private. 

The Final Word 

If you were looking for how often Snap scores update, then you would have got your answer. Sometimes, it updates frequently, while usually, it takes around 5 minutes.

It’s in lesser scenarios when it takes more than some hours. This is because it refreshes scores in slots to prevent server overload. 

Moreover, you can even adapt different strategies to increase them more until the remaining refreshes.

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