How to Change Instagram Icon on Android and iOS

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As you know, last year when Instagram celebrated its tenth birthday it added new and classic icons which are in a secret menu from where you can change Instagram icon.


There is an update for Android (and iOS), which is a hidden menu and is there in the “Settings” application which is simple to find and activate easily also.

Whereas if you are having version and (version 162.0 on iOS) on an Android device from the Google Play Store, you will be able to change the Instagram app icon on your device inside the app with the photo-sharing service.

If we talk about that number of Instagram icons, there are 13 Instagram app icons with which you can easily acquaint yourself with your home screen, but usually, the pre-launch and original Hipstamatic-style are loved by most of the Instagrammers.

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How to Change Instagram Icon on iOS and Android?

If we talk about the process for iOS and Android, they are pretty much the same only, with some little changes in how you can see each mobile OS handles of the Instagram icon change. Here we are mentioning the steps to do so:

  • Firstly, download the latest version of Instagram from Apple App store (or Google Play Store).
  • Open your Instagram and press on your “Profile” icon
  • Then tap the upper left hamburger menu there and open the “Settings” section.
  • What you have to do next is, drag the entire menu section in down direction until you start to see emojis.
  • A popup will be showcased to you, it is a new menu where you can access all the classic and different Instagram icons.
How to Change Instagram Icon
  • If we talk about  Android the app icon it won’t usually change for Instagram, rather there would be a new home screen shortcut. For iOS users, there is a proper app icon which you can change to the way you choose accordingly.
  • Moreover, the icons look peculiar for Android and iOS users, but you can  get a shortcut to Instagram, you will see a little square of the current icon overlaid on it On iOS, you will be able to see a different icon, there is no overlay.
How to Change Instagram Icon

We hope this article will help you in changing the Instagram icon, if you have any doubt you can also ask us in the comment section.

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