How to Fix AirPods Sound Muffled?

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Whenever it comes to the best wireless earphones, Airpods are the best. However, it is costly yet worth every penny spent. With top-notch quality sound and longer battery life, you even get the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature when you upgrade to Pro. However, AirPods can’t be without any issues as it’s an electronic accessory. 


Airpods users frequently face the Airpods Sound Muffled issue after several years of usage. It is not surprising if you have experienced it before. However, it’s not that your Airpods life has been affected, so you need not worry. It has a simple fix. However, before rolling over the solution, you must know the causes behind it.

Sometimes your Apple AirPods might get muffled due to dirt, dust, and debris trapped inside the speaker grilles. Well, the Apple earbuds reach beneath the ear canal. Here, earwax and dirt accumulate with time. Therefore, it affects the AirPods Sound However, there are some other causes like Headphone Safety, inappropriate audio balance, Dolby Atmos Support, or other reasons.

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Why does my Apple AirPods Sound Get Muffle?

The most typical cause your AirPods sound gets muffled is the accumulation of dirt with its speaker grilles. 

AirPods reach inside your ear canal. Therefore, they are more prone to earwax and debris. As ear canals have deposits, these would interfere with the earbuds, instructing the sound passage leading to muffled sound. Basically, in such a situation, cleaning your Apple AirPods speaker grilles would help. Check out how to do so!

How to Clean Apple AirPods?

While cleaning your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or Beats, you will need the following things with you:

  • Cotton Swab
  • Rubbing alcohol/Ethyl Topic/Sanitizer
  • Tooth Pick
  • Lint-free Cloth

Alternatively, if you have an AirPods Cleaner Kit, you would not need anything else.

Follow the steps below to clean your AirPods:

  • Pour some ethyl alcohol/sanitizer/rubbing alcohol on the cotton swab
  • If you have Apple AirPods Pro, then remove its silicone ear tips and wash the tips well with water
  • Use a cotton swab carefully to clean up the speaker mesh
  • Ethyl alcohol will help to get rid of earwax and dirt trapped in it as it weakens their binding property 
  • Extract the dirt from the speaker mesh with a toothpick
  • However, instead of using an ordinary cloth to clean your Apple AirPods, Use a lint-free cloth for the purpose

Ensure the Apple AirPods dry until you put them back in their charging case. 


How to Reset Apple AirPods?

Despite cleaning your Apple AirPods appropriately, if the muffled sound continues, reset them to fix the issue. It usually happens when Apple AirPods face a problem while connecting with your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device.

So, when you reset the AirPods, the issue gets fixed. When you reset them, it will establish a new connection, thus solving the muffled sound problem. When you think of resetting, it is not much tricky; however, after you do it, You have to connect them with your Apple devices after the procedure gets completed.

Follow the steps given below to reset your Apple AirPods:

  • Keep Apple AirPods in their case
  • Close the case lid
  • Wait until 30 seconds
  • Open AirPods case lid
  • On your Apple device, navigate to Settings
  • Go to Bluetooth
  • In it, you will see AirPods. Select the More Info option
  • Press Forget this Device. Confirm your decision when prompted
  • At the backside of your case, you will see a Setup Button
  • Press the button till amber light flashes, afterward White for approx 15 seconds 

To reconnect your Apple AirPods with your Apple Device, keep them near your iPhone or Apple device, and you will be prompted to follow the on-screen procedure. Follow it well to reconnect it with your Apple Device.


How to Turn Off Dolby Atmos in Apple Music App?

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, it makes your sound experience easier by playing songs with Dolby Atmos. However, all the devices are not compatible with Dolby Atmos. Like when you used to listen with Dolby Atmos using first or second-gen AirPods, therefore, causing the sound to be muffled.

Follow the steps given below to Turn off Dolby Atmos in Apple Music:

  • Update your iPhone/iPad/Mac or other Apple device to its latest version
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Go through the Music icon
  • Below the Audio, you will see Dolby Atmos; click that
  • Choose Automatic,  Always-On, or turn off Dolby Atmos
  • It would help if you Always chose Off

However, if you select Automatic, the songs would automatically play with Dolby Atmos when listening to a compatible device.

Why Does AirPods Sound Muffled On Mac and How to Fix?

You can easily pair Apple AirPods with Mac as they are optimized. However, the sound gets muffled sometimes. A common issue that MacBook owners who own Apple AirPods often face. But how to fix it? Let’s have a look at it!


Follow the steps given below to fix sound muffled on Mac:

  • Set up your Apple AirPods on your MacBook
  • Keep the AirPods in their case with nearly 50% battery left without pairing
  • Switch on your Apple AirPods and connect them to your case
  • If they are not enough charged, then AirPods might face an issue with pair

If everything goes well, then follow the steps given below to troubleshoot AirPods Sound Muffled On Mac:

  • Browse your MacBook and validate to the Apple icon menu
  • Navigate to System Preferences 
  • Choose the Sound icon and input your settings
  • Usually, the Preferences displayed are decided by your MacBook model, version, and the type of audio devices connected with it
  • From the list of sound input devices,  set the Sound Input from Apple AirPods to Internal Microphone 

Besides, if your MacBook has a built-in Mix, you will see it as Display Audio.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I enjoy the Best AirPods Sound Experience?

If you want to enjoy the optimal AirPods performance, you should pair Apple AirPods with an Apple Device. Apple Devices are well optimized with each other and thus can give you the performance when connected to an Apple device.


Do AirPods work well with PCs?

Yes, be it a Mac or Windows, AirPods work fine with PCs. You can connect it generally though it is optimized for Apple devices, yet it gives ideal performance even with Windows.

The Final Word

The methods mentioned above were easy for How to Fix AirPods Sound Muffled. All of them are easy to follow. AirPods, being of top-notch quality, are even an expensive investment.

Therefore, you need to maintain them well and even diagnose every minute issue so that your AirPods lifetime will not get affected. However, you must read them to implement it successfully. If you know of any other fix or issue, then do let us know in the comments section given below! 

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