How to Save Videos from any Site Without Additional Software

Download Videos
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Video, like other content published on the Internet, has owners who own the copyright. Not all authors allow free downloading of their works.


And not all online platforms permit you to save videotapes for offline viewing. Before saving the video recording, we strongly recommend you get through the terms of use carefully.

Because in some cases, downloading may be a violation of the applicable law. All tools from this collection work in much the same manner: you ought to enter a linkage to the recording, choose a layout and specify additional parameters if necessary, and click the push button.

You can save content both in browsers on PCs and on mobile devices functioning on Android and iOS operating systems. An important point: if you are the owner of an Apple gadget, use the standard Safari browser – receiving files is supported only in it.

Download Videos
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Five universal services to save content 


This free online web resource allows everyone to download IG videos and pictures easily. The interface is user-friendly and very simple. Instagram video download is open on the central page.

There are no limitations on the number of files and quality of records. The only condition is a high-speed internet connection. If your Wi-Fi is fast enough, the recording will be saved only in a few seconds.

If you wish to save pictures, just switch to Instagram photo downloader. Kindly note that you can save only content from public profiles or your own previously published content, where you may copy an address to the post.


This resource supports transferring from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, and about 1,000 others. Service with a very extensive list of sites, for which there is even an alphabetical index.

TubeOffline lets you choose the resolution of your recording, as well as transform it to a variety of formats on the go, including mp4, 3gp, webm, and mp3.


With this simple videotape download service, you can get files from Facebook, Coub, Twitter, and about 25 different. YouTube is not on the list, but there are many other popular projects.

It is not overloaded with extra features – the user ought to only appoint the quality of the clip before transferring files.


This web service works well with the major popular platforms and social media and a few lesser-known ones. Convenient service with a concise design that can operate with all popular recording hosting and social networks.

The developers have provided the ability to select resolution, convert to various formats, as well as save the soundtrack as an mp3 file.



The developers of this tool added TikTok, which makes the service outstanding among the others. A slightly austere online tool that nevertheless does an excellent job of transferring files from all popular sites.

You can select the quality, extract the soundtracks and export them to mp3 format, which is compatible with most devices. In rare cases, some files may not load due to copyright security.


Very popular among Russian-speaking audiences, as it allows saving from Odnoklassniki. Functional assistance with a large list of supported sources.

GetVideo allows you to choose tape resolution, transform videotapes to various configurations. There is a paid and free version. In the paid desktop rendition, in addition to this, there is also a high-quality recording and audio filiation.



At the moment, the program only works with YouTube, but it does a great job of saving from that visual communication hosting. One must determine the expected criteria of the tape, export the audio to an mp3 file and edit the titles in it.


How to select the best downloader? Everyone will find the answer for themselves depending on their needs. Just go to these sites and see what you like best. Try copying the same link and loading the same telecasting on each site. Rate the result.

I’m sure you know what copyright is. But it will not be superfluous to remind once again. Use these hacks to copy files only for personal use (like watching videos on the road when you don’t have internet). Therefore, you should not publish other people’s videos under your own name. Be law-abiding.

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