How to Unsend Text on Android?

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Modern problems require a modern approach. Living in the intelligent gen of mobiles and other devices is no less than a blessing. 


However, humans make mistakes; it is highly probable for you to send a text message to someone creating several troubles; it can even ruin your life depending upon the message and outcome.

Like sending an informal text or text criticizing your job/client to your senior, you might also end up sending a romantic message to a formal friend or leaking some confidential information to the wrong person; you know the consequences. 

Now, imagine you’re in such a situation! It will be unintentional, so you would be hoping that the other person won’t read it somehow. Unfortunately, it is impossible to unsend Text on Android. However, the below instructions can help you with your future:

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How to unsend text on Android?

Devices like Android phones, tablets, iPhones use SMS for text messaging. SMS has an inbuilt one-way service that Android provides you. Despite the fact, you will learn how to unsend text on Android.

Method #1: Switch Off Phone Immediately 

The method is common as we cannot use it regularly. Fortunately, it works after giving the command to send the message. However, we should follow it before the message is delivered.

According to it, you have to rapidly switch off your phone or remove its battery (if removable) or enable the flight mode as quickly as possible.

It can help you by not delivering the message if implemented correctly. Now, turn on your phone, insert the battery, and then turn on or disable the flight mode to check the message’s status.


You can check it by checking your messaging history. If it is not delivered, it will highlight differently, or the “not delivered” warning will be displayed.

Moreover, do not forget it is effective only if you do it quickly and correctly. After you give the command to send the message, we should implement it in less than 5 seconds, else it will be ineffective, and you can land in trouble. The coolest part is that we can implement it for MMS also.

Method #2:- Using a Third-Party application

Any precisely working effective method to implement it on Android phones has not been known. Built-in features do not allow you to unsend text on Android. However, limited third-party apps like “TigerConnect (Previously TigerText Secure Messenger)” let you do so.

You have to enable this app instead of your phone’s built-in messaging app for the same. Use it, and you’ll soon realize that the app’s unsend text message feature is all that you need for your rescue.


Another exciting part is that the recipient does not require a TigerText messenger on their phone.

TigerConnect - How to Unsend a Text on Android

Now follow the steps given below to unsend text on Android phones/tablets:

  • Open Playstore on your Android Phone/Tablet and download TigerConnect app.
  • Open the application, setup and make it your default messaging app.
  • Choose a person, type your message and then send the text to them. 
  • After your message is delivered to the person without reading it, then you have to longpress on the message and select the option “Recall from the recipient’s phone.” This message will be ineffective if the recipient opens the message beforehand.
  • It is also necessary to ensure that the recipient has recalled the message. For that, open the message that you have sent. If the green icon near the sent message appears green, your message has been successfully unsend. 
  • If the icon is standard, then the feature did not work well. It is only possible if the method is not implemented correctly. 
  • For choosing TigerText as your default messaging app, you have to access your phone’s settings to enable it. Again the method is effective both for SMS and MMS.

Google user’s feedback about recalling text: 

The methods mentioned above are the only simple methods known so far. Moreover, Android users have not reported any other way to unsend a message on Android. Such practices are not even available for the iPhone.

However, recently, Google has introduced the unsend feature for its “Gmail” facility for mobile and desktop sites. It is even available for iPhones or iOS processors. After you click on the Send button for a mail, you can again open the mail and give the “undo” command as soon as possible.


How Do You Unsend Messages on Android in Specific Apps?

You can unsend messages only if the feature is supported in the apps themselves in specific apps.

However, another risky and not-try feature is the several MODs available for these applications, which can harm our device and steal our data. Moreover, such MODs are illegal to use and are pirated versions.

Various Apps like telegram and Meta Universe’s most popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook lite, Messenger, and Messenger lite support the unsend feature.

These are not for SMS but the messages sent by this platform.


For Telegram, you hold on to a message, press the bin icon, then press also delete for <recipient name>.

In Instagram, Messenger, Messenger Lite, hold on to the message and tap unsend. All these apps except WhatsApp don’t let the recipient know they have been deleted.

For WhatsApp, hold the chat for long, click on the bin icon, and then click delete for everyone. However, here the recipient knows that a message has been deleted. Moreover, you cannot unsend your message on WhatsApp after a specific time. 

But, all these apps allow you to unsend messages even after the recipient has seen them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the recipient know that an SMS/MMS has been deleted?

No, the recipient will not know.

Can I recover deleted SMS on my Android Phone?

It all depends on your Android Phone. If your Android Phone’s software is outdated, then you might not. However, check your phone’s message app if it has a recycle bin, then you can access it and restore your message.

Is TigerText Secure Messenger Secure to use without any theft of data?

Yes, TigerText is secure to use.

The Conclusion

You can use TigerConnect Messenger to send your SMS/MMS from now onwards if you think you can make such a mistake. Unfortunately, no phone provides a direct built-in feature to unsend an SMS/MMS.

I hope our guide about how to unsend text on Android helps you in the future.

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