Identify Songs by Humming on YouTube Music (Android)


  • Hum, sing, or whistle tunes to find songs on YouTube Music.
  • Get detailed song info instantly, just by humming.
  • Available now for Android users, iOS support coming soon.
How to Use Hum to Search for Song Identification on YouTube Music for Android
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Ever tried listening to a song for a long time, and then you found yourself humming the tune but don’t know the name of the song or who composed it?


To this, YouTube Music for Android offers a useful solution – at least, if you wouldn’t mind humming the song in question.

This will be an elaborate guide of how one can use this feature to search for a song by just humming, singing, or whistling the tune.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using “Hum to Search” on YouTube Music

1. Open the YouTube Music App
Launch the YouTube Music app on your Android device.

2. Tap the Search Icon
Locate the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and tap it to start a search.

3. Select the Waveform Icon
Next to the microphone icon, you’ll see a new waveform icon. This is the “hum to search” feature. Tap and hold this icon.

4. Hum, Sing, or Whistle
Hum, sing, or whistle the melody of the song you’re trying to identify. Make sure your melody is clear and as long as possible for the best results.

5. View Search Results
After a few seconds, YouTube Music will show a search page with the identified song information, including:

  • Cover art
  • Song title
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Year of release
  • Download/offline availability
  • You can play the song or save it to your library directly from this page.

6. Repeat or Exit
Tap the arrow in the top left corner to exit the search screen, or hum another melody to identify a different song.

Identify Songs by Humming on YouTube Music

Additional Tips and Information

  1. Google Search Integration: This adds to the feature Google Search first launched in the year 2020, where the application helps to find the song based on the tune hummed or sung by a user.
  2. Availability: At present, the “hum to search” feature is supported on YouTube Music for Android only, version 7 as 7. 02 or later. Despite the hype, there is yet no release date on when it will be released to iOS users.
  3. Server-Side Update: This is a server-side modification and as such, you may not get it upon exiting or refreshing the app even if you know you updated to the latest version. You are likely to be able to get your hands on it sometime shortly.
  4. Previous Features: It is a relatively new feature added to YouTube Music however, Google Play Music feature a similar option in the past.
  5. The YouTube app now provides users with the option to identify songs by listening to a catchy tune with the help of “hum to search. ”159.

Wrapping It All

In summary, YouTube Music’s “hum to search” feature simplifies song identification by allowing users to hum, sing, or whistle the melody. It’s a convenient tool for discovering music on the go.

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