Top 10 Best Unblocked Music Sites to Listen Music


  • Many open music sites get blocked due to copyright infringement issues; some legal ones have a lower user base and stop their services.
  • Finding an unblocked music site is not difficult, but discovering the preferred one is difficult.
  • Here’s where we have handpicked and meticulously crafted the best selection.
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Whether you are upset, willing to focus on your work, in the mood for celebration, traveling, or similar, music is the only way to heal your soul or give a feast to it!


While we all aim to find top-notch quality music sites due to some or the other reason, it’s pissing off if the site we love due to a particular reason gets blocked!

Here’s where you would be looking for the best unblocked music sites, and we have covered you all with it! 

Best Unblocked Music Sites

How to Safely Visit These Music Sites?

To ensure a safe experience while visiting music sites, it is highly recommended to use a VPN (we recommend SurfShark VPN). A VPN encrypts your internet connection, providing anonymity and security. Using a VPN, you can protect your privacy and prevent unwanted surveillance while accessing music sites.

  1. First, go to the VPN website and subscribe to one of its plans.
  2. Download the Windows/Mac/Android Client.
  3. Log in with your credentials and connect to a Torrent-friendly country server (Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, etc.).
  4. Start surfing now.

It is also important to stay cautious and avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading files from untrusted sources. Always use reputable sites and consider using antivirus software to scan downloaded files for potential threats.

When some of the rarest sites covering quality and timeless music stopped, let’s look at the alternative unblocked music sites that would satisfy your ears!

1. Audiomack

If you are someone who streams different kinds of music and even downloads it, then Audiomack is a must-check! 

Audiomack - Unblocked Music Site

It includes standard and free options to find numerous melodies of varying eras. So, whether you love retro or choose the latest songs, Audiomack is a delight to your ears. The most intriguing part is it has an easy-to-use interface that even novices can adopt flexibly. 

Moreover, Audiomack is available on several platforms for convenient enjoyment.

2. Jamendo

Are you someone who frequently needs copyright-free music for different platforms?

Jamendo - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, then Jamendo is your rescue or, to be precise, “a blessing in disguise.” Its worldwide accessibility makes it particularly appealing to those needing project background music.


You can use it as assets in your music videos, reels, ad campaigns, and similar. It has a comprehensive variety comprising background sounds as well.

3. SoundCloud

How about a platform where you can listen to the latest songs and create playlists, and everyone can access them?

Soundcloud - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, then SoundCloud is all you need to check! 

It has a comprehensive variety of music, including songs, tracks, playlists, and podcasts, and even you can upload your tracks and songs.


Thus, if you are an artist, then it’s the perfect platform for you. This is an advantage as you can always listen to underrated and emerging artists. 

It’s minimalistic interface with international support to artists makes finding new and outstanding music easier.

4. YouTube Music

Are you seeking a music platform where you can watch videos and adjust the speed experience as per your preferences?

YouTube Music - Unblocked Music Site

Yes, it’s YouTube, and how can we proceed with the list without talking about this most prominent video-sharing platform eminent for melodious music?


With a comprehensive variety of genres, artists, and music styles, traditional to modern and even tribal, there’s no such song you won’t find here. 

From legitimate music recordings to amateur-produced covers and Shorts, YouTube has become a worldwide center point for melodic investigation.

It barely shows geo-restriction, but you would see ads and consume more data bandwidth. You can reduce it by changing the quality to 180p. 

You can use it anywhere, online or on any platform like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other OS. Pirated versions of the site exist, and if you access them, then utilize a VPN alongside.


5. Hungama

How about an unblocked music site that lets you play music according to your moods?

Hungama - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, then Hungama Music is a must-catch under your list! 

It has a feature where you can choose your mood; accordingly, the site suggests songs. Furthermore, its music recommendation features are fantastic and dynamic, change frequently, and are ideally crafted to lift your spirits high.

However, it has certain limitations, including a cluttered interface and even a tiny font size, which hides the mood recommendation feature.


It showcases ads with a wide variety of songs, but not in the premium version. If you upgrade to pro, it will automatically download your favorite songs. 

6. Bandcamp

Do you want to escape your ordinary life to some quality music that lifts your moods?

Bandcamp - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, then Bandcamp is one of the most prominent unblocked music sites with a user-friendly interface to make discovering music easier. 

Further, if you love quality music, you will find the rarest gem songs here. So, whether you are a student, professional, entrepreneur, or similar, the platform has covered you all. It has songs of the newest artists, hence songs which you find nowhere would be present here. 


Moreover, it is an open-source community thus, you can access music, modify and redistribute it for free!

7. MixCloud

How about an unblocked music site with the perfect mixture of podcasts, DJ mixes, and radio shows?

MixCloud - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, the MixCloud is the suitable choice for you! Further, it even has a special collection called MixCloud hosts and streams, which is remarkable! 

If the cluttered interfaces or poorly organized music sites don’t seem attractive, then the platform is an asset to you!


It has a perfectly organized playlist and other music assets that will be a feast for your ears. Moreover, it has the latest rap and pop songs available for you! 

Apart from that, it also has a wide variety of music of varying singers and genres.

8. Grooveshark

Would you like an unblocked music site with a superior sound experience?

Grooveshark - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, then Grooveshark is for you! 


The music streaming platform has the apt tweaks and optimization to different platforms to provide the perfect sound quality music. It is a legacy music streaming app and hence lacks some of the features other apps offer. 

The main idea of the platform was to provide a comprehensive variety of music to its users and even tracks from both artists and novices. Further, it aims to provide a melodious experience you use at no cost.

Besides, it makes creating music playlists, sharing music, and discovering new tunes easier.  This contributes to the user base with a good UX.

9. AccuRadio

How about a music streaming platform offering greater options to customize your music and variety?

AccuRadio - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, then AccuRadio is a must-check under your list! It covers various music channels, including pop, rock, and jazz, while not forgetting retro and classics.

The remarkable feature of this platform is the music personalization options it offers. Further, it even provides trending music, news, and even talk shows! 

AccuRadio, which began in 2000, has a dated interface, yet the music collection outstands this limitation. With better customization options, users can flexibly tailor it per their preferences.

10. JioSaavn 

JioSaavn - Unblocked Music Site

Initially begun as Saavn and now merged with JioSaavn is quite a popular music website launched in India. It captures music prominently from the Asian community, like Bollywood, tribal, and even the most popular global music bands. 


Moreover, the platform has a clean, minimalistic interface with the organized interface and customized playlists tailored to your interests. Further, it has a blend of different playlists; however, its weekly playlists don’t don’t update frequently. 

Yet if you are an Indian with a Jio SIM, you can access several perks like caller tunes and similar, which others cannot do without a premium plan.

11. PagalWorld: Listen to Offline Music For Free 

How about unblocked music, which has almost all the songs and barely any that you won’t find?

Audiomack - Unblocked Music Site

If yes, then PagalWorld is a must-check under your list! 


You have to type the song name you want with the keyword “pagalworld,” and the site and its mirror sites will be listed in the search results.

Further, upon visiting the site, you can listen to the song, see if it’s the same or any variation, and choose to download it accordingly.

Besides, the download options are in varying formats: 64, 128, 198, and 320 Kbps, depending upon your requirements. There are also additional options, like music videos or WhatsApp statuses for some songs.

Though the site has a cluttered interface and a lot of ads, it will never disappoint in terms of music collection and will save music for free on your device!


What else do you need?

The Conclusion

If you were looking for the best unblocked music sites, then you would have found your answer! There are various options, like SoundCloud for emerging artists, AccuRadio, Grooveshark, MixCloud, and more.

If you have no constraints to Data bandwidth, then you should go with YouTube music; however, it does have ads.

Moreover, if you need copyright-free music then Jamendo has covered you with it to use in your music videos. Do you want to groove or uninterrupted music on your device without using much data?


If yes, downloading for free is the best option in this case, and Pagalworld is the suitable platform!

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