Who is Marshal in Animal Crossing Game Series?

Animal Crossing Game
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Nintendo’s Animal Crossing games is one of the most famous games with New Horizon, the eight series released in March 2020, on almost all platforms such as GameCube, iOS & Android, with sales of 60 million units worldwide.


The journey of Nintendo started with the first release of the Animal Crossing series, Animal Forest in 2001 to the latest edition as Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2020, which makes the list of games by Nintendo.

Marshal in Animal Crossing Game

Animal Crossing: What Makes it Unique?

The gameplay involves the human character managing the beautiful island village of various anthropomorphic animals and carrying out various activities such as fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting, residence building, planting trees & plants, and a lot more.

Its gameplay timeline follows real-time with changes in season and exciting challenges. The more you upgrade the more you enjoy the gameplay with unique challenges at each level.

The latest edition New Horizon has many new features with new events which help you win nook miles, which can help you exchange it with in-game items, with DIY Crafting.

It also brings more flexibility in the customization of islands with an anthem. The right selection of villagers is the key to the success of this game & makes it interesting.

The game also allows you to visit other villages and explore their creativity. It has many animal characters and each has its unique skills and avatar, which upgrades at each level.

Today, we will be taking up a character named “Marshal”.

About Marshal in Animal Crossing

Marshal in Animal Crossing Game
Marshal In Animal Crossing
264 Marshal
  • Name: Marshall or ジュン Jun
  • Personality: Smug
  • Species Type: Squirrel
  • Birthday: 29 September (9/29)
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Roll Value: 4
  • Hand Sign: Paper
  • Initial Phrase: Sulky (Doesn’t Matter or upsetness in contrast)
  • Campsite Level Required: Level 7
  • Initial Costume: Denim Jacket(New Leaf), Puffy Vest(New Horizon)
  • Home Request: World Famous Cafe
  • Skill: Mental Math
  • Goal: Designer
  • Favorite Song: K K Bosa

The short phrase for him,

“Nothing makes me feel quite as small as I do when I look up at the night sky… It’s the worst!”

Marshal, Pocket Camp.

Times He takes to Build Items

Furniture/ItemMaterial RequiredPriceTime
Cactus6 Wood3303 Minutes
Sloopy Screen60 Wood,60 Cotton,3 Natural essence214010 Hours
Cowhide Rug30 Cotton12003 Hours
Sloppy Wood15 Wood,15 Cotton8202 Hours
Sloppy Sofa120 Cotton,3 Natural essence193010 Hours

Friendship Level Benefits

  • At level 7 friendship, the player will be rewarded (x1) denim jacket and sparkle stones.
  • At level 9, the player will be rewarded with (x1) sparkle stone.
  • At level 15, he will request that the player craft a siphon.
  • At level 20, the player will be regarded with (x1) pic of Marshal and sparkle stones.
  • At level 25, the player will be rewarded with (x1) sparkle stones.
  • At level 30, the player will be rewarded with (x1) sparkle stones.
  • At level 35, the player will be rewarded with (x1) sparkle stones.
  • At level 40, the player will be rewarded with (x1) sparkle stones.
  • At level 45, the player will be rewarded with (x1) sparkle stones.
  • At level 50, the player will be rewarded with (x1) sparkle stones.


The character Marshal in Animal crossing has been in most of the animal crossing series, & from above can be understood as Smug Squirrel who has a hobby of music. He looks similar to Marshmallow, hence the name Marshal.


He is the first & only squirrel species in the Animal Crossing game.

Marshal is an off-white squirrel with brass-colored hairs. He has pink blush marks on his cheeks and lavender inner ear. The tail also has a circular swirl of brass color.

His mouth resembles the head of an arrow going upward. He wears a blue vest and carries a Mint umbrella during rainy days.

How is his Character with Villagers?

Marshal in animal crossing belongs to smug villagers, including Raymond in his house, who are cool, polite, kind, friendly & gentlemanly; he gets together with people having a mix of different personalities.


He will best survive with lazy, normal & peppy villages, but he may conflict with the cranky villagers.

How does his House look?

Marshal in Animal Crossing Game

In New Leaf, He has a music wallpapers room & plank flooring with a cowhide rug as a carpet.

He has a flat TV screen, Coat hanger & Washing Machine. He has materials from the Sloppy Series. He has his favorite Space K K picture & albums of Space K K on his stereo.

He has a cactus next to his bed & a standing spotlight at the end.


In New Horizon, his home theme is updated to Coffee Shop with modern wood flooring and blossom blue walls. The floor is covered by two rugs, a blue kitchen mat & an iron entrance mat.

He has a Coffee grinder, Coffee cup, Stovetop espresso maker, cream & sugar. The location of these changes frequently. In his kitchen, he has a simple kettle, fridge,  and an ironwood set.

In his room, he has a piano and a cuckoo clock on the wall above the piano bench. He mostly plays K K Bossa on his player.

Closing Phrase


That’s all on Marshall Squirrel/Marshal in Animal Crossing Game Series.

Hope you find this post interesting and do comment if you want us to take up any other characters of Animal Crossing.

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