My Phone is Charging Slowly. How to Fix it?

Charging Battery
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Sometimes when you are using your cell phone and you get your phone out of battery. At this time, you are thinking that how much time the phone will take to charge? Here, in this article, we are going to discuss a few methods that will help you to fix when your phone is charging slowly.


It is annoying to wait for charging while your phone has good battery timing. This issue is common in cell phone users. Sometimes there is an issue in your device or sometimes you are also involved in such a situation of your phone. Yes, our ignorance and laziness can damage our phone charging process.

Phone is Charging Slowly

Fix, Phone is Charging Slowly

These are some common factors and reasons why your phone charging is slow. Here we go!

USB Cable Issue

My Phone is Charging Slowly. How to Fix it? 1

The USB cable has a direct relation with our cell phone charging but sometimes it does not come into your mind that USB cable can be faulty. If your cable is damaged it cannot provide the right amount of electricity to your phone for charging that cause slowly phone charging. You can check your cable performance by just changing the USB cable.

One more issue in USB cable you can face is a damaged USB cable port. If your connector is damaged it cannot provide the required electricity and cause wastage of electricity. Damaged connector port can also damage your mobile phone’s charging port. Simply you can replace USB cable that is suitable for your phone and charger. This is a quite common and basic issue that’s why you can see so many USB cables are sold out daily in the local market as well as online.

Charging Port Issue

Phone is Charging Slowly

One more basic problem is that your cell phone charging port is not working properly or damaged. There are more chances that your mobile port can be damaged while you are using the damaged USB cable. It can also relate to your negligence when you are connecting and disconnecting your cell phone. Your cell phone can be charged properly when your mobile charging port and USB cable connector are meeting at the same positions and angle. So, make sure that these are meeting in the right position or not.

Charging Adapter Issue

Yes, that little blocky thing that plugs into the wall. Maybe a power surge left it a little wonky or it got kicked around during a move. Once again, this device is made to take on the brunt of any trauma rather than your phone, so they tend to not be the most stalwart little devices. Grab a new one and get back to charging full speed.

Power Source Issue

Phone is Charging Slowly

The power source is a particularly important part of charging. Check your power source if your battery is charging slowly. There is a possibility that your power source is not working properly. It can due do damage to electrical cables or cables are touching inside.

Check your outlet by changing your charging outlet. If your phone is charging properly then definitely it is an outlet problem and if not, then there is another issue to solve. Check all other possible issues in this list.


Battery Issue

Now, the time is to check your mobile phone’s battery. It is possible that your battery is damaged and not working properly. You can check your battery in classical way. Check your battery physical appearance, if there is a bump or bulging on the surface of battery then definitely your battery is bad and if it is flat then there is no battery issue in your phone.

But in new phones, all the batteries are build-in non-removable. So how you can check your battery? If your battery is going down rapidly then it is a sign of bad battery and if you found a bulging on the back of your phone then it means your battery is in a bad situation. These signs confirm you, what is the issue of slow charging?

Close Background Apps

And at the last the main issue related to the software system of your cell phone. We have covered all the issue that is related to the physical material of the cell phone. But in the software, here is the only issue that can make your phone charging slowly.

There are too many background apps that are running on your cell phone. Some peoples have no idea about the background apps and their closing. When you have run an application on your phone and you do not exit form application and close properly, your application is still is in running process on background. That causes your battery loss.


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