Performance is objectively a major factor in defining the value of a device. Along with which we are seeing a recent wave of design adjustments that are unprecedented. These changes are not necessary or improving your experience with your smartphone, more or less. But it isn’t just vanity either, the innovative designs and in some cases, gimmicks are adding a unique element of being aesthetically and/or mechanically different and pleasing.


OnePlus Concept One

And the past year, in particular, we saw a lot of pop up cameras and foldable smartphones. It was expected that the trend would be carried forward but right at the beginning of the OnePlus has announced that its OnePlus Concept One smartphone which will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in the US will feature an “invisible camera” and color-shifting glass technology.

OnePlus Concept One with an Invisible Camera; CES 2020 1
Source: OnePlus-Twitter

The electrochromic sheet of glass would be covering the cameras and its responsibility for all the color-changing magic. Besides the invisibility factor being outright cool, the design also allows minimizing the camera bump which has been ever so protruding with each passing year, with better, bigger cameras on the thinnest possible device.

OnePlus is now about to challenge conventions in design by having a truly unbroken design at the back of a smartphone. It has a premium feel to it and at the same time, it would be having the same old performance that OnePlus has always offered.

At present, the major thing OnePlus needs to look out for is the cost factor as the electrochromic sheet of glass is expensive and as long as it can’t be made affordable, it cannot be introduced to the commercial market.

And another minor concern is the fact that the electrochromic sheet of glass which would go from translucent to near opaque on turning off the camera app, it wears out after using it for a while and so it is important to figure out the durability factor.

All speculations and concerns set aside, in this era of rapid innovation when almost nothing surprises us anymore, OnePlus has introduced something new which is certainly looking promising just from its prototype.

A tweet from a Twitter user showing the poster for the Oneplus Special Event, where Oneplus Concept One smartphone will be unveiled.


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