Screenshots of MIUI 12 Leaked, Shows Screen Time UI and New Focus Mode

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Recently, New images of the Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 Settings app is circulating the internet. In another incident last week, the screenshots of the new navigation bar and notification bar of the new upcoming MIUI 12 also got leaked.


MIUI 12 Screenshots: The Matter

A beta version of MiSettings APK was uploaded on a Chinese MIUI Community forum and was later taken down. The images are taken from the forum itself.

XDA Junior Member kacskrz, noticed, that there are several changes in the design of the settings app, like Focus mode, refresh rate, and more.

New Way to Select Refresh Rate

With MIUI 12, Xiaomi has changed the refresh rate menu. Unlike just simple options of different frequencies, there is a fancy landing page with two buttons. This is more expressive and good looking as seen in the pictures.

MIUI Refresh Rate
via XDA Developers

Focus Mode with MIUI 12

With the new Focus Mode, MIUI removed the 20 minutes time slot option and also added a “+” button so users can add a custom time limit to their phone.

Screenshots of MIUI 12 Leaked, Shows Screen Time UI and New Focus Mode 1
Focus Mode Old vs New (via XDA Developers)

Xiaomi also selected the graphs to show weekly insights of Screen time. They also focused on individual app time consumption as well.

Screenshots of MIUI 12 Leaked, Shows Screen Time UI and New Focus Mode 2
via XDA Developers

For Advanced settings, the company also added curved gray boxy backgrounds like Samsung’s One UI 2.0.


There are new things coming up with the new MIUI 12 update. The important thing is that the update is likely to come by the end of this year. So there is enough time for Xiaomi to work and improve upon it. Some of the features mentioned might not even make it to the final cut.

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