Study App by Facebook Will Pay You For Your Personal Data

study app by facebook
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Earlier we covered the news about Facebook Research App, where Facebook buying personal data from teens by paying them $20 per month.
Now again, Facebook is doing a similar thing but this time this app called ‘study’ is not for people who are above 18 in age.
Facebook Inc. wants help keeping tabs on competitors, and is willing to pay users to do it. The social giant Tuesday unveiled a new research app called Study that will collect data on which smartphone apps people download, what features they use inside those apps and how much time they spend on them. Facebook said it will promote Study through advertisements on the social network and- elsewhere.


Facebook said it will compensate those who download Study, but a spokeswoman declined to share more details. For now, the app will only be available in the U.S. and India.

study app by facebook
Study’s launch comes several months after the company’s last user-tracking research app, Facebook Research, was shut down due to a pair of controversies: as TechCrunch reported, the app was marketed to teens, and on the iPhone, it relied on a special certificate that allowed the app to circumvent the App Store and gain deeper access to the phone, in violation of Apple’s rules. It was shut down in January.
Facebook promises it won’t snoop on user IDs, passwords or any of participants’ content, including photos, videos or messages. It won’t sell participants’ info to third parties, use it to target ads or add it to their account or the behavior profiles the company keeps on each user. Yet while Facebook writes that “transparency” is a major part of “Approaching market research in a responsible way,” it refuses to tell us how much participants will be paid.


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