Final Cut Pro for iPad
May 10, 2023

Does my iPad support Final Cut Pro?

The community of video editors has been abuzz since Apple's most recent announcement of Final Cut Pro for iPad for M1 SoC and Later. Final Cut Pro…
Best iPad Althernatives
Mar 6, 2023

Best Android Tablets that can Overtake the Apple iPad

While the iPad may be the most popular tablet on the market, it's not the only option available. This article will look at the best iPad alternatives…
Google Lens
Jan 10, 2023

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad?

Using image recognition technology, Google Lens is a visual search tool that identifies objects and gives information about them. It can use on an iPhone to find…
Dec 13, 2022

How to Fix Split Keyboard on iPad?

Does the keyboard of your iPad look small or split in half? Don't worry. There are easy hacks to get the keyboard back to its usual size.…
Apple Logo
Oct 18, 2022

How To Unlink iPad From iPhone?

Want to unlink iPad from iPhone? If yes, then this guide is for you. Click Now!
Fix: "This Password Appeared In A Data Leak" on iPad/iPhone
Aug 17, 2022

Fix: “This Password Appeared In A Data Leak” on iPad/iPhone

If you recently received a message on your iPhone or iPad stating, "This password has appeared in a data leak,.” Someone might have found your password and…
Aug 10, 2022

20+ Best Engraving Ideas for iPad

Engraved messages are the best way to express your feelings for your loved ones. Here are the best 20+ engraving ideas for ipad.
Apple Screen Time
Feb 23, 2022

How To Reset Screen Time Passcode (iPhone/iPad/Mac)?

Screen Time has been a unique feature found exclusively in the devices belonging to Apple Inc., monitoring the time a user spends on a specific device. However,…
Safari Browser Featured
Dec 2, 2021

How to Block Websites in Safari Browser (iPhone, iPad, Mac)?

Do you want to block websites in Safari browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? If so, then this article will explain how to do so effectively.  When…
Transfer PDF to iPad-iPhone
Nov 11, 2021

How Do I Transfer PDF Files to My iPad

PDFs are a great and reliable way to save and view your documents. It is a trusted format for sharing your documents with others as it looks…
Apple Event 2021
Sep 15, 2021

Apple Event 2021: Apple Watch and iPads are Here!

Apple Fall Events are always fun to join, and users always look forward to the event as we get to all about the new iPhones, iPads, and…
ipad triple rear camera
Jan 3, 2020

Apple iPad Pro to Have Triple Rear Cameras

The new Apple iPad Pro will be sporting triple rear cameras. Apple is reportedly working on the updated 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models with an iPhone…
foldable ipad with 5g
Jul 6, 2019

Apple is Reportedly Working on a Foldable iPad With 5G Support

Apple is working a foldable display iPad which will support 5G too and a screen size of somewhere between 11 and 15" for 2020.

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