The New One Tap Password Process Will Merge Google Sign In and Smart Lock on Android

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The 11 Weeks of Android just kicked off recently and we have a lot of good stuff coming up. There’ some new conversation features and along with it Google also unveiled some details about simplifying the password processes for Android apps with one tap.


One Tap Password Process on Android

So the video starts with recapping how “sign-in can be a challenge” from not knowing whether Google/Facebook was used to forgetting passwords for email-based accounts. The company’s existing solutions are centered around:

Google Sign-in: Using your Google Account to log-in to third-party services.

Smart Lock for Passwords: Automatic sign-in after opening app/visiting website.

Android Autofill: Users select the credentials.

So to convince users to use either of these solutions is a bit complex and for that Google is trying to address the problem with One Tap Password process.

When you will open an app for the first time, you will be promoted to sign-up with your Google account where a “secure, token based, passwordless account” will be created. This was announced for the web in 2017.

The UI will explain everything and the information a user is sharing, lists their Google account, and has a big “Continue as” button. However, users can still type their own password with One Tap able to save it.

One Tap Password Process
One Tap Password Process

For future logins, you will be asked to “Choose an account”. This will display both the Google-backed account login and also the credentials from Android Autofill, Smart Lock, and Chrome in the bottom sheet.


The second area in which Google wants to improve is “device upgrade experience”. For this, the credentials from various apps will be stored. Block Store is a “secure end-to-end encrypted credential storage solution” for developers where tokens are saved instead of plain text usernames/passwords.

One Tap Password Process
One Tap Password Process

The tokens are encrypted and stored in the local storage and can be transferred to the cloud if the user permits. So one can easily upload the tokens into the cloud and set up the new phone pretty easily and would not have to go through the hassle of logins in the new device again.

One Tap will support Block Store by the end of this year and One Tap and Block Store will be the part of the unified Google Identity Services(GIS) library for Android and this will replace the Google Sign-in and Smart Lock for passwords.

One Tap Password Process



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