What are the Most Important Things to Consider When Building a PC?

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Building a PC from scratch is an option that many gamers are now favoring over buying a pre-made machine.


Most computer enthusiasts aren’t happy with the options that come with factory builds and feel that selecting their own equipment yields a much better result.

If you’re someone who’s building a computer for the first time, there are many things you need to think about before you get started. There are some essentials that every build needs.

Then, there are optional extras that may differ depending on the types of games you want to play.

What Kind of Gaming Will You be Using it For?

The prime reason that people decide to build their own computers is to improve the quality and speed when playing games. Advanced graphics and processing power can make a huge difference to the gaming experience and, for serious gamers who clock significant hours of playtime, these things are crucial.

Fast internet speeds and seamless connections are imperative for people who take part in games like GTA V online and Final Fantasy XIV. More than 100,000 people play GTA V online on a regular basis, even eight years after the Rockstar Games title’s initial release.

A lot of these more hardcore players access it from the PC, where there are a greater number of options for mods and game enhancements than there are through playing on a console.

The regular updates and expansions help to keep players involved as well, with the recent opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort being particularly popular with players.

This feature takes inspiration from roulette and blackjack games online, where players can enjoy t first-person view of live table games like Live 888 Plus Blackjack.


It’s important to remember that these modern games encompass aspects from different offshoots of the entertainment industry, and players’ computers should be prepared to deal with the diverse requirements of different playing scenarios.

The Diamond Casino & Resort opened in GTA V online in 2019

Final Fantasy XIV requires a powerful graphics card in order for players to fully experience the incredible landscape and scenery on offer in the epic roleplaying game.

When the title from Square Enix was initially released in 2010, it was a flop that failed to live up to the esteemed reputation of the franchise.

Square Enix then decided to remake it using a different game engine and improved the server infrastructure at the same time. This reboot of the game was met with much better reception, but it still required a powerful computer setup for players to enjoy it to the fullest.


The Essentials for Your Build

Gaming Desktop Components
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The most important aspects to think about when building a PC are the graphics card, processor, motherboard, storage, and cooling system. PC builders in Sweden tend to use online parts providers to find the best options available to them.

In terms of graphics cards, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 is one of the most popular choices with a five-star rating based on 51 reviews. It has a core clock of 1830 MHz, a memory clock of 8002 MHz, and a 6 BG memory size.

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It also has a WINDFORCE 2X Cooling System with alternate spinning fans, which strongly reduces the chances of overheating.


The processor is a key component of your computer build, and it is worth shelling out on a top-quality option here if you want to make sure your PC will run efficiently for a long time.

One of the best chips on the market at the moment is the Intel Core i9-7980XE Processor, which can be purchased for just under $2000. If this is slightly out of your price range, there are a few other options around the $800 mark. The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X is $799, and the Intel Core i9-10940X X-series is $784.

First Inbuilt Liquid Cooled Motherboard
First Inbuilt Liquid Cooled Motherboard

When it comes to motherboards, the newest MSI B450 gaming motherboards are designed to work in conjunction with the top processors to ensure optimal performance at a lower temperature.

As for your cooler, you could opt for an air cooler if you want to go cheap, but these are not small, and you need to consider whether they will fit in your build. Water coolers are often the preferred option for gamers, as they have lower RPMs and are quieter than air coolers.


However, there is some risk involved. If the pipes end up leaking onto the electrical equipment around them, it would be disastrous.

What Optional Additions Should You Consider?

After building the base and getting your system up to your desired standard, it’s time to think about optional additions to your computer. These aren’t essential and the PC will run without them, but they could make all the difference in improving your gaming experience.

Sweden is ranked number three in the world for internet speed, with an average download speed of 55.18 Mbps. This means that gamers in the country may feel it unnecessary to go for a wired ethernet connection and may prefer to use a Wi-Fi card instead.


TechLatest Speed Meter | TechLatest (tech-latest.com)

PC builders in other countries should check internet speeds before deciding which way to go in this regard.

Video showing countries with the fastest internet speeds

Another common question nowadays is whether to include an external CD/DVD burner. Many modern computers are now being sold without these, as the technology is on its way towards becoming obsolete.

However, if you have a number of classic games and films on the disc that you want to continue using, you may decide that it is a good idea to include this on your build.


Building a PC is a thrilling experience, and it allows you to have so much control over what you decide to include. Going for top-of-the-range parts is the wise approach, as it will ensure the PC runs smoothly and lasts a considerable length of time.

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