Are you get bored with your Android device? Do you want the best performance of your Android Smartphone? or you are that technical user who would like to try new custom ROM’s then obviously you have tried for customizing the Kernel of your smartphone by changing your device kernel with custom kernel. If not, so you can Customize the Kernel of your Android device to obtain the best performance from your phone.


A kernel is the most important part of any device, it is the only part of any system which interacts with the operating system and instructs the operating system to perform the task instructed by us. In simple words, the Android Kernel or Kernel of any operating system is the part that is the mediator between User and the operating system. Android Kernel can affect the whole performance of the device either it is battery management, multitasking, etc. 

Some Android phone comes with stock Android and we can’t perform any kind of customization over them but Android is all about customization make your phone as you want, you can change ROM, you can change Kernel, even you can change Operating system and custom kernel offer more improved features than stock Kernel.

To customize your phone’s Kernel your phone must be rooted and if it is already rooted so it will be the best idea to customize your Android’s kernel and make your phone the best one.

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Top 5 custom Kernels for Android:



ElementalX is the best custom kernel for any android device, this can work on the oldest smartphone to the latest one, this is the perfect custom kernel for daily use purpose, it is one of the safest and stable custom kernel for Android. ElementalX is a performance-oriented custom kernel for Android. It is developed by highly recognized developers and offers a variety of features some of them like:

  • Perfect stabilization between Battery life and performance along with better SOT
  • Overclocking and Underclocking
  • Double-tap to sleep and wake up
  • CPU and GPU management
  • ROM management
  • Voltage Control
  • It offers some cooling features too

Franco Kernel

Franco kernel is one of the best performing and stable custom kernel for Android devices, it will boost up your smartphone’s performance. It is developed and designed by recognized XDA developer Francisco Franco it is widely famous and adopted kernel due to its high stability and efficiency. This custom kernel can be used in a number of devices. This kernel comes up with various attractive features which make this kernel famous between testers and developers.
Some of its features include:

  • Frequent OTA updates.
  • Display adjustment
  • Vibration Control
  • Sound Control
  • Better Battery performance

ElectraBlue Kernel

Electrablue is one of the good custom kernels, however, ElementalX and Franco Kernel are a little bit better than this in performance, otherwise, it is one of the popular kernels for android. It provides you better battery life with a stable performance of the smartphone. Some of its features make it most popular which are:

  • Balance Support
  • Best battery performance
  • Spectrum Support
  • Android oreo & pie support
  • Sound control
  • Vibration Control
  • Fast charging support

Optimus Drunk Kernel

Optimus Drunk is one of the most famous and latest custom kernels, but right now this is available for some of the smartphones like POCOPHONE F1, MOTO G5 PLUS, etc. Soon it will be available for other devices too. This custom kernel comes with numerous updated latest features, which can make your phone smartest one and your device will give its overall performance. Some of its features are:

  • Built with the latest GCC 9.2.0
  • Based on Derp and Lineage Kernel
  • MIUI supported
  • F2FS support with additions from alter97 kernel
  • USB fast charge
  • Optimizations from other kernels

alter97 Kernel

This kernel is also designed and developed by recognized developers of XDA and this custom kernel is available for a number of devices either latest flagship or any old device it has a bunch of optimization and features.
alter97 kernel offers a lot of features some of them are:

  • System-less installation for the supported device.
  • This kernel supports the latest F2FS file system.
  • It is compiled with the latest tools
  • It has an active user base for supporting its users if they face any problem while using the kernel and this custom kernel itself has an explanation to many doubts of its user.

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