Twitter is Testing its New Voice Tweets Feature

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Twitter is presenting another way for users to tweet using just their voice, i.e., Voice Tweets. The feature is in trying at this point. Twitter is testing the feature that will let users record voice clips to send as tweets. Voice tweets join the many existing ways by which users can post on Twitter – which includes photographs, recordings, GIFs, and plain content.


From the start, making voice tweets is a feature that will be made accessible to a constrained group of individuals on Twitter for iOS. In the coming weeks, everybody on iOS ought to approach voice tweets. Everybody, whether or not they’re on iOS, Android, or work area, will have the option to see voice tweets in their take feed and hear them out.

Here are the steps by which you can create voice tweets using the Twitter application for iOS.

Forming a voice tweet is like making some other kind out of tweet.

  • To begin with, open the tweet composer and search for the new voice symbol. It looks like sound frequencies.
Twitter is Testing Voice Tweets Feature
  • Before tapping the voice symbol you will see your profile photo with the record button at the base. Tap on the record button to start recording your voice.
Twitter is Testing Voice Tweets Feature

Voice tweets are equipped for catching 140 seconds of sound. The individuals who wish to go longer can continue talking and the extra sound will be associated in a string of various tweets.

  • At the point when voice tweets are sent, users will see them in their feed among different tweets.
Twitter is Testing Voice Tweets Feature
  • To listen to a voice tweet simply tap the picture with the individual’s profile photo.
  • Tweets will play in another window that stays docked at the base of the screen, so clients can tune in while proceeding to look through their feed.

Right now, voice tweets are restricted to original tweets as they were. That implies it’s unrealistic for users to record their voice and send it as an answer or a retweet with comment. It’s obscure if that will ever change. On one hand, Twitter is passing up an open door for increased user engagement by not permitting voice answers.

Then again, not the entirety of that engagement would be certain. Voice tweets open up a totally different road for badgering on Twitter, so maybe it’s best that the element is restricted to original tweets.

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