Twitter Fleets is Now Rolling Out Globally

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Twitter fleets are now rolling out globally and Twitter has officially announced that the company is launching its new feature in India. Twitter fleets are just like Instagram stories, they get disappear automatically after 24 hours. As same to Instagram Stories Twitter fleets allows users to post content over Twitter and it will disappear after 24 hours.


Yesterday, Twitter confirmed that they are testing “Twitter fleets” in India with their official Indian account. The company says “Testing, testing…We’re testing a way for you to think out loud without the Likes, Retweets, or replies, called Fleets! Best part? They disappear after 24 hours.

Features of Twitter Fleets

Besides disappearing fleets in 24 hours, Twitter India confirmed that other features like Likes, Retweets, or replies will not be available with fleets. Twitter users can share text, images, GIFs, and videos using fleets, once uploaded they will be automatically deleted after chronological 24 hours.

Twitter fleet

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Twitter Fleets can be viewed by anyone because they are public, but it is expected that fleets will be less discernible as compared to tweets. If you want to view someone’s fleet, then you can navigate to their profile and can view the content from there. Twitter fleets will not be available on Twitter’s Public feed and can’t be embedded in websites.

Twitter fleet

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Company said that Twitter fleets are rolling out globally and will be available for every iOS and Android users in India through an update.

How to create your own Twitter fleet?

It’s very simple to create a fleet of your own if you got the updated version and fleet in your Twitter, so follow the following steps to create your own fleet.

  • Step 1- Tap over the profile image at the top-left corner.
  • Step 2- Enter your content, or upload an image, GIF, or video (whatever you want to post).
  • Step 3- Now tap on the Fleet option at the bottom-right of the post.
Twitter fleet

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That’s it you are done here if anyone wants to say something on your fleet, so they can send direct messages to you or they can also use emoji’s to convey their thoughts. You can see all messages and reactions in your inbox. Moreover, unlike Instagram, if users want to view the next fleet so they need to swipe down, instead of right like on Instagram.

Twitter said that these gestures can be changed based on users’ feedback. Right now, Twitter is testing its Twitter fleet feature in Brazil, Italy and now in India.

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