10 Best Clubhouse Alternatives Available Right Now

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Welcome readers to our new post on the Clubhouse series – Top 10 Best Clubhouse Alternatives.


The Clubhouse App is trending recently with its unique features & genre of topics & audiences it includes.

The name “Clubhouse” as it describes is a house that incorporates different types of clubs like technology, entrepreneurship, health, motivation, etc. Hence, the name Clubhouse.

The Club you choose here is crucial, as the whole stage is set up for you after the type of club you choose. Since the app is invite-only, with only 2 invites per account makes it unavailable for many users.

But don’t worry here we are with the top 10 Best Clubhouse Alternatives Available Right Now.

10 Best Clubhouse Alternatives


Best Clubhouse Alternatives

It started with the gamers using it for their live streaming purpose and emerged as an audio-based communication app. The app provides a similar feature of the audio session as Clubhouse, as a voice chat channel on the server. It follows the system of Server that comprises audio & text-based channels.

Similar to Clubhouse it has moderator control too, where moderators can decide who can speak, add members, or remove members. Along with this, it provides the screen sharing option too.

The criteria here is that both listeners and speakers must be present at that time to speak. It also provides server bots as an additional feature.

Discord server can incorporate a lot of users but it becomes laggy as the users increase. The UI of discord is more simple as compared to Clubhouse and is a must-try alternative to Clubhouse.


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Best Clubhouse Alternatives

It is a Made in India audio-video communication app developed by Leher AI Pvt Ltd in 2018. It is one of the top competitors in the list of Best Clubhouse Alternatives.

It was also awarded Google for the Startups accelerator program Google in 2020. The developer list here includes Goldman Sachs Atul Jaju.

It not only provides audio sessions but video sessions too. Like Clubhouse, you can join the scheduled session by the moderator. The sessions are pre-scheduled and speakers are decided afterward by the moderator.


You can join as a speaker by sending an invitation to the moderator. For listening, you can join directly or can opt for notification remainder once the session starts.

It also provides searchable feeds, users, and topics. You can create your club here and join the community of people in the same field. The users here are identified using the @ handles.

So Leher is also similar to Clubhouse as an Indian version, with feed and clubs to explore and join clubs in your area of interest.

Twitter Spaces

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Twitter is also one of the public-based apps which have the same motive as Clubhouse. After Clubhouse’s popularity, Twitter brought its own “Spaces” as “Twitter Spaces”.


The feature can be accessed from the Twitter app itself. For that just click on the bird feather icon as the  “Compose” option and then click on the “Join Space” option available.

Here, It allows 10 users at a time to be a speaker which includes your followers, following, or invitees, as per the session settings set by you. Protected accounts are an exception as a speaker.

Similar to Clubhouse, it won’t record the sessions unless there is a violation, and recording is kept in that case for 30 days.

So Twitter Spaces is also a good Clubhouse alternative to consider which provides almost the same features.


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Telegram Voice Chat

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Telegram Voice Chat is also developed to provide an audio chat experience to users similar to Clubhouse. Here what you can do is just create a group and start adding people you want to be part of the session. Then start the audio chat.

Also, note that only the admin can start the audio session and only people who have been added or joined to a group by other means can be part of the session. In simple words, only group members can access the session.

So, it is also similar to Clubhouse and a must-try alternatives to Clubhouse.


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Best Clubhouse Alternatives

It is tagged as Indian App, and as an alternative for Clubhouse. It is developed by Fireside PTE LTD, the same development team that developed the Indian version alternative of TikTok as “Chingari“.

The UI here looks simple and similar to Clubhouse. The description of the app says “It is a social networking app developed for audio experience with like-minded people and following them.”

You can register with your phone number or it will also automatically fetch with your Twitter account, which means here everything is public based, similar to Twitter.


Since it is an Indian App it supports Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.If you want to use an app as an alternative to Clubhouse in your regional language, then Fireside should be your consideration.

Facebook Audio Rooms

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Facebook Audio Room is also a good feature by Facebook as an alternative to Clubhouse. Facebook was recently known to be working on the audio chat feature and have come up with this idea.

Each room allows 50 people at a time to speak. It also provides a feature of fundraising in the room setting, to collect donations if the speaker is working on some cause.

The audio room is currently available only for a selected people and groups. It is said to be available for everyone soon.


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Reddit Talk

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

If you are a Reddit user that you might know that, Reddit in April 2021 has announced the “Reddit Talk” as audio meeting rooms.Reddit has been trying different features to make the Redditor engaged. It is one of the products of the same idea.

Here the moderator can start the session within the subreddit and eventually more people can join for audio conversation. Even the users can reply with emojis here. For speaking you can just raise your hand and the moderator will allow you to speak.

The development is still on and more features are yet to be added.


Currently, the feature is for selected users and if you are interested in it, you can join the waiting list for it.


Best Clubhouse Alternatives

It is developed by Mobile Sphere and is an audio and voice platform. It can be considered as a micro podcast and conversations in it are called “Riffr”.

It provides you with a wide range of topics like comedy, health and wellness, DIY, Entertainment, and many more.

It provides the recording feature which is not available in the Clubhouse app. You can live record your video between five seconds and three minutes long.It provides the sessions to be made private too.


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Riffr is not completely similar to Clubhouse, but the feature of sharing Riffr is similar to Clubhouse and is a must-try.

Greenroom by Spotify

Best Clubhouse Alternatives

Greenroom by Spotify is another alternative that you can consider for Clubhouse. It is a new social audio app that lets you host and join live discussions.

The room helps to discuss the topic of your interest as an “artist” and with like-minded people as “fans”, sharing the same interest.


You can access the Greenroom through Spotify account details or can create new account if not registered.Also, you don’t need to have a Spotify Premium subscription for the same.

To start the room just hit the “Create room” option on the homepage. You can join the sessions by searching publicly, from rooms that are live and available. Else, you will also be notified If someone from your connection has started the room.

Also, If you find a speaker intuitive, you can give them an appreciation as “Gem”, which is reflected in his account. Gems in your account won’t be affected by gifting someone Gems.

At the front seat, If you are a Spotify fan or want to experience Spotify features, then this app is a must-try for you.


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Best Clubhouse Alternatives

It is an app developed by Spoon Radio Inc. and released in March 2016. It has 30 Million users currently worldwide. It is developed by South Korean developers as an audio live streaming app. It provides genres of topics from music, games, podcasts, and much more.

It is also called  “internet-radio broadcasting app”, and “Live Stream without Camera” which means “audio-only stream”. Sometimes people even call it “Audio Youtube” too.

It is named “Spoon” as here the listeners can gift their favorite speakers with gifts which are called “Spoons”, which can be then redeemed for money.The amount of spoon here describes the quality and reach of the speaker.


The speaker can start the stream easily by choosing the Title and Background Image.The listeners can join through a link or search for the session.

Hence, If you want to experience an audio live stream, then Spoon is definitely a try.

Final Verdict – Best Clubhouse Alternatives

These were our top 10 alternatives to Clubhouse which you can try if you haven’t got the Clubhouse invitation yet.

We hope you liked our post and will try a few of our suggested alternatives to Clubhouse. Do comment below if you have any other Clubhouse alternatives, and we will take that up to explore for you.


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