What is ClubHouse App? All FAQs Answered

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Are you a good speaker who wants to motivate people with your words? Are you a good speaker in your friend’s circle? Do you have something that you want to share with listeners?


Then Clubhouse app is the solution for you.

Earlier, Clubhouse became very popular in the US among the people who were being censored or banned on Twitter and some other audience as well. 

However, the audio chat meeting/interaction app has gained a lot of popularity over the past few months and it is very popular now.

About Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is an audio chat app and the reason why it is so popular is that the app only supports the audio mode of conversation. 

This is a very great option for people who just want to conversate over audio without sending any images and videos. 

You can also create a room using Clubhouse and invite people to discuss various topics. 

The app became very popular in the US as a lot of famous personalities use it to discuss some interesting topics like poetry, current affairs, digital marketing, politics, sports, entertainment, technology, etc in the rooms and clubs. 


Features of Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse app is the drop-in-audio conversation platform developed in 2020, which allows groups of people and listeners around the world to interact by audio voice. Whether you are a speaker or a listener, here is the platform for you.

  • Have all your contacts, invite them to join Clubhouse, you can also invite them to join your room. 
  • Users can easily send invites to their friends by texting on their mobile.
  • People sharing common interests can easily connect via audio mode. 
  • Using Clubhouse, you can participate in intellectual discussions by intelligent people on various topics. 
  • You can easily create your own room and invite people to join. 
  • If you have no friends, it will automatically send you to the waiting list from where the clubhouse team will take some time to approve your request.
  • You can only join the discussion by invite from your friend colleague or relative who is a user of the Clubhouse app otherwise you will not be able to join the discussion. 
  • The app is easy to use and control. 
  • It is very good for people who want to discuss various topics without showing their face. 
  • The app gives you a fantastic audio experience overall. 
  • The app currently has 10 Million active users worldwide.

The app is a point of conservation among youngsters. It provides you with the feature of joining your favorite club having chat rooms, based on your interest, which is limited to one club as of now.

Each room can accommodate a total of 5000 people at a time for discussion. The room is managed by a moderator, if you want to speak then just “raise hand” & the moderator will let you speak or can ignore. When you join a room, you are automatically muted by default.

Also, we recommend selecting the best club, as you have only one club to join with a discussion forum and rooms to listen to.

For the invitation, you can just mail the clubhouse team at the mail id below & they can consider if there are slots available,


Okay, now, lets take a few frequently asked questions about the Clubhouse app and explain them in brief,

What is the hype behind the Clubhouse App?

Frankly speaking, the hype is real and when you get into it, it is real fun. For an introverted person like me, Clubhouse actually gave me (and us) a decent platform to speak up.

Now, coming to the hype, it does start from the US as many users were getting banned in major microsites like Twitter, so Clubhouse became their hangout place, we a bunch of people can meet and talk anything.

You don’t need any topic or subject to start with, just install the app and register with your number (although you are gonna need invite from existing Clubhouse member to complete the registration), and you are good to go.


How is it to be in Clubhouse as a member?

When you register to Clubhouse app, they will need your phone number and our actual name (in theory), and that is all you need to start hanging out in Clubhouse, although there is the profile pic, the bio option, and the social media section, that is totally optional.

So, technically, your name will be visible to other member, and since it is an audio-only chat platform, you will have to your smartphone’s mic to participate in the conversation.

Isn’y it fun? Well, I found it very interesting, and since there are no extra features of the app like feeds, pictures and videos and specially ads, everything is so clean to use.

How can I get a Clubhouse account?


Getting a Clubhouse account is very simple, and straightforward. Initially, the app was only available for US iOS users, then it rolled our worldwide but iOS only. Then after a year, it finally rolled out for Android users as well last month (May 2021).


So, regarding getting the app, go to the official website(www.joinclubhouse.com) of the app and tap on the Play Store or App Store icon, accordingly. On tapping on the icon, you will be redirected to the respective stores, from there you can download the app.

Now, after downloading the app, open the app, start the registration by putting your number on it, an otp will be sent for verification.

After the verification, you will be asked to enter your name and your username, enter it and wait for the invitation.

You will not be automatically approved, for the invitation, you will have to ask one of your friends who is already a Clubhouse member to send you the invitation. You will have to give your registered number to him/her.


What are Rooms and Clubs in the Clubhouse app?

Clubhouse Topics

Let me take a very simple example to explain these terms. While we were at school, the class/classroom where everyone is from the same levels, like 8th standard, so in a classroom, everyone will be from 8th standard.

And, in the recess, when we are at the canteen, all our friends group up and talk, interestingly that discussion group member isn’t from same classes.

So, the Clubs are here the classroom, if you want to talk or listen to only similar topics then join specific clubs, and the Rooms are here the canteen discussion group, where everyone can join and talk-listen.

There a few benefits of Clubs over Rooms. Room is a one-time thing, so if we want to talk about a specific topic, we can create a room and after the discussion, the room will be dismissed.


But that isn’t the case with Clubs, it is like a community, where you can join or follow to participate. Rooms can be created in a Club multiple times.

Why is it sounds like Google Meet without video?

Yeah, you can say that the Clubhouse is an audio-only version of Google Meet or Zoom, but there are a few differences that Clubhouse owns but Meet or Zoom doesn’t.

Meet or Zoom is private place specifically made you official conferences and meetings, one should have a few secret credentials to join the meeting in Meet or Zoom like meeting URL or secret passcode,

But Clubhouse is open to all, if you are a Clubhouse member, you can join any room and listen. Although you will have to raise your hand (yes, that is a feature to ask permission from the Room owner and moderator) to talk in the room.


Why not Discord then? Why Clubhouse?

That is a very good question, but the answer is very simple, you already know the answer if you have read the above sections of this article,

Discord isn’t only meant for audio chats, Discord is specifically designed for gamers to provide a better and reliable option to communicate with the game mates within the game.

Whereas Clubhouse is only for audio chats, no other extra features. The simple UI and UX is what we are talking about here.

Can we record any session and listen later?

No, officially Clubhouse doesn’t provide any such option to record and listen later. And it is strictly against the Clubhouse policy to record any session.


And earlier it was very difficult too to record the sessions on iOS device as there is only one option of iOS to record and Clubhouse disabled (a warm warning) the feature.

But since they rolled out the app in Android, there are a ton of possibilities to record a Clubhouse session.

So, the answer is Yes and No at the same time, officially you can’t record, but unofficially you can do whatever you want.

Can we make money via Clubhouse?

Yes, we can, Clubhouse has a monetization scheme named Creator First accelerator program, which can make you a little money.


The monetization is simple, the company doesn’t any third-party ads on the platform to ruin the user experience, rather the money is being sent by users only to their favorite creators,

And the good thing about the program is that Clubhouse doesn’t cut any share from the money, 100% of the money goes to the creators. The payment is processed by Stripe gateway, so a little percentage is being cut by Stripe as a processing fee.

The program is currently available in the US for iOS users, but soon it will be available worldwide and for Android users as well.

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