Clubhouse Vs Discord? What are they? How are they Different?

Clubhouse vs Discord
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The Clubhouse app is currently trending with more users trying to get access to the app.


The Clubhouse app is an audio-based app that is used as an audio platform by motivators, podcasters, techy, athletes, and famous personalities like Elon Musk, Serena Williams, now even by cement corporation collaborators.

Since the app provides restriction of invitation and each user can invite up to 2 members only, with one invitation after registering and the other depending on your app activity, which makes it unavailable for many users.

But there are many alternatives similar to Clubhouse that we will be discussing in this series of clubhouse posts.

Clubhouse vs Discord: How do they compare?

Today we will particularly compare Clubhouse with Discord.

Let’s take Discord first,


Clubhouse vs Discord

The app aimed to attract the gamers streaming their gameplay at a smoother pace, but now gradually it has gained a large user base after the audio update feature becoming the app for audio interaction too.

It provides server creation and individual channels, with different groups and chat rooms. You can join any server through an invitation link.

You can hover between the messaging channel and audio channels as required on the server, and can use both the audio and text mode simultaneously.


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The audio channel can hold up to 1000 members at a time. It provides the feature of screen sharing and voice calls too.

The profile here consists of a short username with your handle which you can use to invite or chat, with a hashtagged account number.

Here you will get a badge depending on the server. It also has the  “discover group” feature which is currently available only on desktop.


There are notification delays in the case of large servers, where you need to follow each chat through individual threads.

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Clubhouse vs Discord

The app with a 12 Million USD funding, developed by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. The app provides you with the option of Club selection at the time of signup, which looks a little bit organized.

It contains rooms which you can join from and interact with like-minded people. You will be driving the content and people based on the club selected.


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Let’s get a little bit deeper,

  • It provides moderator-controlled sessions, with more listeners,  which help the sessions with a peaceful pace.
  • The moderator schedules the room and can invite people as speakers and listeners.
  • The moderator here is the one who starts the chat and can transfer this badge to other people active in the room and invite other people too.
  • The chat room here can be open or private, set by the moderator.
  • The moderator invites people to the room and in turn, people invite their connections, this is how the chain goes to give a room of a hundred people.

Also, you can request for your club too through the form on the clubhouse website, only if you have moderated the same title room once in a week for 3 weeks successfully.

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Unlike Discord, Here you have a unique profile and your bio, with followers and following counters. But you cannot send direct messages here.

Also, It won’t save session recording and It is like a one-time listening to podcasts and will be disappearing forever once the session ends.

As there might be the case that users are unavailable at a particular time or might wish to listen to a few lines again.

Adding to pros Clubhouse has bought the feature of payment as “Creator First Program”, in the form of tipping, which goes to the moderator completely, as a gift for organizing webinars, finding clients, etc.


Clubhouse gives complete payment to moderators and doesn’t keep any part of it.

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Final Verdicts – Clubhouse vs Discord

Comparison Overview

RAM RequiredN/A4 GB
Android Version8.05.0
iOS Version13.010.0
UISmoothBecomes laggy as server grows
Screen Recording NoYes
Video CallNoYes
Direct MessagesNoYes
Multi InstancesYesYes
Multi-platform SupportAndroid & iOSAll Platform (Android, Apple, Linux)

Summing Up,

Clubhouse looks more organized and scheduled with rooms and clubs, providing flexibility of room scheduling as per required time by the moderator. The moderator picks speakers and listeners.


If you are looking to join a group of people sharing the same thoughts and interests then go for it. But that too comes when you get an invitation.

Discord on the other hand is a real-time meet and greet with a discussion mode of audio, video, text at a time. It provides channel flexibility and allows you to share your screen.

The condition is that your listener should be active at that time and you are on the same channel of that server.

Is Clubhouse really hyped?

If we see Clubhouse it is unique in its category of audio conservation with an invitation-only basis targeting selected audiences, thus providing an overall best audio along with room schedule feature.


With this context, it is hyped and gaining a large user base too.


We hope you found the comparison interesting. Do let us know in the comments any other topics which we should take up for you. We will take up that for you.

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