Video call Up to 50 People: Facebook Introduces New Messenger Rooms

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On Friday, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduces a bunch of new features including Messenger rooms, but the most amazing feature introduced by Zuckerberg was users can host video call up to 50 people on messenger. Facebook and its products are always about connecting people, and Facebook always tries to enhance its features to provide more user-friendly UI and more reliability to its customers. During this corona-virus pandemic, peoples are separated by distance but still connected with technology, and most of the companies are trying to help us in connecting.


Zuckerberg announces most of the new updated features but mainly focused on the new video calling and messaging features, the most prodigious announcement was the ability of messenger to video call up to 50 people by a single host.

Facebook’s Messenger Rooms: Video Call Up to 50 People

video call up to 50 people

Messenger rooms will be a good way to stay connected with people and spend quality time with your loved ones and family during this pandemic. You just need to create a room from Facebook or messenger and invite whoever you want to join the room, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

According to Facebook, a significant increase has been seen in the video calling between WhatsApp and Messenger, around 750 millions of account participate in video calling every day, in March, corona-virus pandemic also affecting Facebook’s ad revenue, a downfall of 9% in total shares of Facebook has been observed.

Till now a maximum of 8 people can video-chat on messenger, but now with the latest updated messenger, you can enjoy group video call up to 50 people with no time limit. Facebook’s new feature will surely compete with other video calling applications. Zuckerberg Said “Instead of competing with Zoom, Google Hangout or Microsoft Teams Meeting, Messenger room is all about casual video calling between Facebook friends and relatives”.

While video calling on Messenger screen will be shared up to maximum six users; if more than six users are participating in a group video call, Messenger will only display the main speaker’s feed, instead of all, this is a unique method introduced by Facebook to manage group-video chats. Zoom’s free video calling supports up to 100 people at a time, with a maximum of 40 minutes of the time limit; and 1000 people with unlimited time in the paid version.

Another announcement includes:

  • The company has launched a desktop version for Instagram Live.
  • The company also previewed its “virtual dating” feature on messenger.
  • Expansion in children’s app, Messenger Kids.
  • The company added several new enhancements in its Facebook Gaming feature.
  • It re-announces its “live with” feature i.e. you can add the second participant during live broadcasts.
  • Expansion of WhatsApp voice and video call, now you can connect up to eight-people while calling on WhatsApp with secured end-to-end encryption.
  • New Live Features for Facebook, Instagram and Portal.

Facebook said that updates are rolling out for both Android and iOS, other messenger features will remain unscathed, so you can use previous services. Facebook also said that Messenger rooms will soon expand to Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Portal. I hope all the advanced and updated features will arrive soon for both Android and iOS.

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