Review of Website Down Checker Tool – Why is it Useful?

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Here’s the thing. Imagine you’ve launched a website.


You click once or twice and fail to access your website. The system notifies that the page is currently unavailable. OK, it’s time to call the internet provider and have a serious talk about a bad connection.

But wait a moment.

What if you’re the only user that can’t access the web page at the moment? Is the site really down or you have other issues?

In this website uptime checker review, we will talk about the server checker We’ll see how the system works, check website status with Sitechecker, and reach a verdict on whether to use or not to use the tool.

What Does Do?

When the internet connection is running fine, but the website that you’re trying to access keeps showing a 404 Error Page Not Found notification. First comes frustration, but then you have two options – to either get into a serious trouble-solving mode or find out if it’s only your or their problem.

You go to the online website checker tool at The website scans and checks if the source is down just from your network or everyone else. For instance, if you can’t load, you can check if the website is down with help of This easy-to-use platform is handy since it lets you know if the problem is with your Internet service provider or other aspects.

Step-by-Step Check of Websites

When working on this test website down review, we chose the source that provides whole-life health advice as an example to show you how functions.

All you need to check a website status is to follow these simple steps:


Step 1: After opening the website, enter the domain with extension in the text box.

Website Down Checker

Step 2:. Check the results. Wait for a little bit until all of the information is collected and checked. This is what you will see if the web page you’re trying to access is up.

Website Down Checker

What comes from these results is that the website under check functions well at the moment. The Status code (200 OK) tells you that an attempt to check the site was successful. It is the most popular code that means that the user-server exchange is completed, and it went well. Then, the website status check review goes into tech details. You see the response time, the further actions that were taken by the users, the errors on the part of the visitors, and so on.

If you’re not sure what Redirects, Server errors, or any other status means, feel free to check the details here: In a detailed article, the owners of explain the meaning of all error codes that you have already seen.


Common Causes of Poorly Performing Sites

If it turns out the problem is on your side, you can try to do the following:

  • Is the URL correct? Yes, you’ve already checked it, but there’s always ‘what if.’ So, ensure to re-check the URL. Just in case. You can either type it into the address bar or search for the website in Google. Sometimes it helps to fix the problems related to internet connectivity.
  • Is the internet connection ON? Well, if you had a chance to check the page at, it means the Internet connection is working. However, it wouldn’t hurt to visit sites like Instagram or Google.
  • Check if the URL has ‘HTTPS’ or ‘HTTP’. There’s a big difference between these two.
  • Disconnect from the VPN. If you use the VPN, you have to keep in mind that some websites block many VPNs to protect you from spam or various attacks.
  • Check the browser’s plugins. The browser may be running some extension or plugin that doesn’t work with this or that website. Do your best to turn off all the extensions of this kind. If it does not help, make sure to use the other browsers.
  • If nothing helps…It’s time to take care of the problem. Ensure to get in touch with the reps of your Internet service provider and find out if there’s anything that they can do.

Now that you know how to check whether your or any other website is up or down using the tool offered by, you can relax. After all, together with accurate results, the system gives you peace of mind.

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