Xiaomi Teased the Most Affordable Smart Band, Mi Band 4i

mi band 4i
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Xiaomi India’s Twitter page came out with a teaser which in the true sense ‘teased’ their upcoming product. So, before the ‘reveal’ trailers are out, what can be made off this teaser is that Xiaomi is about to launch their next fitness band in the mi band series maybe Mi Band 4i.


Mi Band 4i

The latest mi band 4 which was released a few months ago in India, featured a full-color AMOLED touch display. It had swim tracking and the standard activity tracker, coupled with health monitoring and sleep tracking, making it an all-round device.

And Xiaomi is as affordable as it can get. While the market of the affordable segment of gadgets is flooded with various brands, Xiaomi is one that delivers and has surely captured the Indian market with their deals.

The mi band 4 with all those features was priced at a mere 2,299/- which is a steal, no matter how you look at it.

Xiaomi Teased the Most Affordable Smart Band, Mi Band 4i 1
Xiaomi Mi Band 4

And now speculations based off the teaser suggest that Xiaomi is going a step further in minimalism and utility. The teaser features footsteps and the notion of taking out the ‘un’ from ‘unfit’ and encapsulates ‘fit’ ness in a mi band look-alike elliptical display, ending with ‘coming soon’ title with an emphasis and highlight on ‘i’ so we can expect it to be either Mi Band 4i or Mi Band 3i.

And so rumors are that Xiaomi is going to be having its next smart band featuring just a step tracker as it is claimed to be lighter than the previous bands, it can be assumed that it would be stripped off several of its previous features which tracked and recorded almost every bodily function.

But the point is that Xiaomi is probably aiming for something like that, something which does the job without having to pay for the extra fancy features. So, it may have a black and white display,  and smaller battery life but most importantly it would be probably the most affordable smart band out there which does the job without burning a hole in your pocket, so the price is speculated to be lower than 1,500/-.

The emphasis and highlight of ‘i’ is suggestive that the product may be named 4i, the successor of mi band 4, it may as well be an introduction of a whole new affordable series of smart bands, either way, Xiaomi is planning to please the Indian crowd yet again and they have never failed yet.

And an another teaser shows us the exact date of launch i.e., 21st of November 2019.



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