Xiaomi May Beat Motorola at Its Own Game

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As ridiculous as it may seem, foldable phones are here, again, smarter ones and this time all the big shots from Samsung to Microsoft are already betting on it.


Motorola’s Razr was just announced, cashing in on the nostalgia fun ride that almost every organization is on, the mobile phone industry was not going to be left behind, pun intended.

Xiaomi’s Foldable Patent Design

Xiaomi is a growing giant and it is very well participating in the foldable smartphone race indicate the recently surfaced patent designs from CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration).

Most of the foldable smartphones are horizontal in nature, like a notebook, i.e., the one with paper pages, meanwhile, Motorola and Xiaomi have decided to go old school with the clamshell folding design.

(Image source: Bloomberg)

The new Moto Razr is supposed to be based on its iconic 2004 flip phone, Razr 3, but the exterior display on it makes it look like any other foldable phone on the market, with just the difference that it is being folded vertically.

Whereas the Xiaomi patent design has an exterior with a small rectangular display on the front side which resembles the retro flip phone look more than any other device out there, besides the original flip phones of course. This patent was filed in August of 2018 and Xiaomi isn’t obliged to put this design into action, but it certainly showcases what they are headed towards.

(Image source: www.tigermobiles.com)

Besides this retro quirk, everything else more or less resembles the foldable smartphone trope, with the dual camera on the exterior acting as the primary/rear camera. And on opening up the square device there is a long rectangular screen with standard sensors speaker set up on the upper band with a dual camera set up for the secondary/front camera too.

Foldable smartphones cannot be declared as a passing fad as companies are investing in these seemingly delicate designs as they would invest in their flagships. Even after reports of the Samsung Galaxy Fold breaking on the 2nd or 3rd day of use, just as it was jokingly predicted, companies have not at all backed off this vision of foldable smartphones coming around “again”. Instead, production and development have been going on in full swing with every brand out there, ranging from the utilitarian Xiaomis to fancy and borderline luxurious Samsungs vouching for it.


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