Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Goes Official; Should You Upgrade from Mi Band 4?

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The Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has unveiled its latest Mi Band 5 on 11 June. Previously the latest band in Mi family was rumored to be similar to its predecessor but from now no more rumors regarding the latest Mi band 5 from Xiaomi. The band will be available from 18 June in China starting at CNY 189(1,999 INR). Here in this article, we will discuss all the enhanced features of Mi Band 5, and the differences between both smart bands from Xiaomi, Mi band 5, and Mi Band 4.


The new upgraded band form Xiaomi is featured with a bunch of new features, and the most attractive thing in the Band is its display size, it is a larger dynamic and much brighter OLED display.

Mi Band 5

Mi Band 5: Display

Mi Band 5 is shipped with a larger display compared to its predecessor Mi Band 4, the band comes up with a 1.2 inches large AMOLED display that is protected by a 2.5D glass at the top.

The band has a pill-shaped design and comes up with a variety of colors in wristband including- graphite black, deep space blue, dynamic orange, bronze purple, vibrant yellow, light green, dark cyan, and ivory.

Another incredible thing that comes up with Mi Band 5 is its smart dynamic animated faces. The latest wearable has more than 100 animated watch faces, and some faces are based on some popular characters including Neon Genesis Evangelion (EVA), SpongeBob SquarePants, Hatsune Miku, and Case Closed.

The brightness of Band is also increased to 450 nits, for improved and better visibility outdoors. Moreover, Band will give you 5 levels to adjust the level of brightness.

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Heath Monitoring Features

Indoor Gaming Modes

With the new Mi Band 5, Xiaomi is taking extra care of its users and provided 5 new indoor modes which include indoor machines, and floor exercises like the elliptical machine, yoga, rowing machine, skipping rope, and indoor cycling or swimming. These new modes are added to the previous 6 modes, so it means Mi Band 5 will be featured with a total of 11 new indoor gaming modes.

Mi Band 5

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Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring

Xiaomi claims that with Mi Band 5 the accuracy of heart rate tracking is increased to 50%, the new band comprises a photoplethysmogram (PPG) biosensor which helps to monitor accurate heart rate 24×7.

Sleep monitoring

Sleep monitoring also gets upgraded and its accuracy is increased by 40%, it will tell you how many hours of REM sleep you take every night, in addition to deep and light sleep.


For the first time, Xiaomi Mi band 5 will also calculate the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score. With PAI you get an idea regarding your physical activity each week, it is calculated by monitoring heart rate. A PAI score of more than 100 in a week shows that you are living an active lifestyle.



Mi Band 5 sports multifunctional NFC features including Door access, Transportation card, Alipay payment, and UnionPay Payment, earlier with Mi Band 4 we have only Door access, Transportation card, and Alipay payment.

Magnetic Charging Support

Thanks to Xiaomi for providing magnetic charging with its latest band, usually Xiaomi’s band work up to 2 weeks after a charge but charging the band is the most frustrating thing to do, removing the device from the band and then placing it to the charging point, the band is tightly fitted with the device so its tough job to remove the device from the band.

Xiaomi understands this pain and provided magnetic charging with its latest Mi Band 5, the charger easily gets connected with two pinpoint in the device, so it does not require removal of the device from the band. Just charge the band and its battery will last up to 14 days.

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Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4

We have seen all the upgraded features and functions of new wearable from Xiaomi, let’s have a comparison between both the bands,

SpecsMi Band 5Mi Band 4
Displaya 1.2-inch larger AMOLED display with 450 nits of improved brightness.0.95-inch AMOLED display with 400 nits of brightness
Water Resistance5 ATM (up to 50 m)5 ATM (up to 50 m)
Smart AssistanceXiaoAi AI AssistantXiaoAi AI Assistant
Gaming Modes11 modes6 modes
Themes100+ sets77 sets
Charging TypeMagnetic pinpoint chargerDock-charging
Heart Rate Monitoring24 hours more accurate heart rate monitoring with a photoplethysmogram (PPG) biosensor24 hours of heart rate monitoring
Sleep Tracking24×7 sleep detection, REM detectionOnly night-time sleep detection
Other New FeaturesBreathing training
Pressure assessment
PAI Index
Women’s health tracking
Remote shutter control
PricingWith NFC- CNY 229 (roughly 2,000 INR)
Without NFC- CNY 189 (roughly 2,500 INR)
CNY 215(22,99 INR)

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Final Verdict: Should you upgrade?

The latest band comes up with a variety of new features and functions, and if you want to upgrade from Mi Band 4 to Mi Band 5 so that’s an amazing deal, the improved and captivating features of Mi Band 5 can attract anyone, the most lovable and enhanced features of Mi Band 5 are Magnetic charging, integrated heart rate monitoring, and sleep monitoring. Moreover, the other features included in the latest band are astonishing which provides you an improved and better lifestyle.

Upgrade to the new band for upgrading your lifestyle to the latest tech drifts. Be trendy with modernized features of the most nocturnal Mi Band 5 from Xiaomi.


So here are the latest features of Mi Band 5 from Xiaomi, and a comparison between Mi Band 5 and its predecessor Mi Band 4, so it’s all your choice whether you want to upgrade or not. However, I highly recommend purchasing this latest band and upgrade yourself with significant technology trends.

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