5+ Legit Ways to Increase Torrent Download Speed

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We all use Torrent for various purposes, studying purposes being the most important out of all(if you know what I mean). Torrents are good and life-saver tools for us broke people. Now the problem is slow download speed and we want to increase torrent download speed. So what to do?


Well, there are some legit ways by which you can increase torrent download speed, and have some of the stuff downloaded so that you have a good experience with torrent.

In this article, we are going to show you 5+ legit ways to increase torrent download speed. Read the whole article and download torrents more efficiently.

5+ Ways to Increase Torrent Download Speed

Choosing Torrents With More Seeds

Increase Torrent Download Speed

The whole thing with torrent is that you have Seeders, who are the uploaders, and then you have leeches who are the downloaders. So a torrent that has more seeds than leeches will download faster and the torrent with more leeches compared to seeds will download slower so just select a torrent with more seeds.

Close Large Data Consumption Apps While Downloading Torrent

If you are downloading a torrent, it is better if you just download the torrent only. Apps that consume more data will hinder the downloading speed of the torrent. Apps like streaming services will affect the bandwidth and make the download slow.

Use a Lightweight Torrent Client

Although there are popular torrent clients like the BitTorrent, but it comes with a lot of bloatware and other features that you probably don’t need if your whole objective is to download a torrent.

So the best thing to do is, select a lightweight torrent client like uTorrent or qBittorrent. These torrent clients will do the solid basic job of downloading the torrent itself.

Adding Firewall Exception to Windows

Note: We recommend you do not turn off your Windows Firewall completely as turning it off completely will make your PC very vulnerable to attacks which can be a nightmare.

If you use BitTorrent, you can add an exception to Windows Firewall as the firewall might block the torrent client or the incoming torrent connection. So follow these steps to ‘Add Windows Firewall exception’.


Step 1: Go to the Torrent Client Options, and navigate to Preferences.

Step 2: Go to Connection and check the box that says, ‘Add Windows Firewall exception’ and apply.

Increase Torrent Download Speed

That is it and this shall increase your torrent download speed.

Limiting the Upload Rate

See torrents work on a peer-to-peer basis, so an unlimited upload rate is actually problematic and it will hinder your download speeds. Just take a speed test and set the client’s maximum upload rate to 80% of your max upload speed. You can also play with upload speeds, keep it high at the beginning and then slow it down in the end. This is also an effective way to boost the download speed.


Clever Selection

Just use some common sense and download the files that are necessary and drop the rest of the files and avoid downloading other files while downloading a torrent.

 If you’re downloading more than one torrent, it is better to set priority for the torrents that you want to download first. It is fairly easy to set priorty for downloads. follow these steps to increase the priority for a particular torrent

Step 1: Right-click the torrent that you want to prioritize.
Step 2: Nagivate to’Bandwidth Allocation’.
Step 3: Click ‘High’.

That is it and you are all good.


So these were some of the legit ways to increase torrent download speed. Do let us know what you guys do to boost up your torrent download speeds.

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