ApowerREC Review: One of the Best Screen Recorders for Windows and macOS

ApowerREC Review
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There are a bunch of screen recorder applications on PC and smartphones out there each with its set of features, pros, and cons.


ApowerREC from Apowersoft for PC (though it is available for phones as well) is one of the best screen recording apps that lets you tweak audio, video, mouse, window size, and others offering a clearly laid out screen recording experience like no other.

It doesn’t complicate things that are meant to be easy and instead, has features and add-ons that are easy to follow and use. 

After testing it for a week, here’s a detailed ApowerREC review that you should read to decide whether or not you should opt for the tool on your computer. 

The Setup Process

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

Setting up ApowerREC is pretty straightforward. Once you download ApowerREC from the website, tap on it to run it.

The program will prompt you to proceed by accepting terms and conditions and in all, it takes just a few clicks and in a matter of 2-3 minutes at max even if you are using an older generation of processor, ApowerREC will be successfully installed on your device. Now, go to the desktop and launch ApowerREC and it is done.

The User Interface

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

I am not a fan of the outlandish user interface so a minimalistic approach as seen on the ApowerREC is a way to go. Once you launch the program, you have a metallic matte black-colored interface with a tonne of features.

You can choose between Record Screen, Record Window, Record Audio, and Record Webcam. You can switch between Full or Custom window to record or even select the “Record Window” option if you want to record a locked window only.

Select the audio source i.e. system sound, microphone, and any of the other sources and you are good to go.


You can even add text or image watermark on the record videos as well as schedule tasks, use auto stop and auto split feature among others.

ApowerREC lets you tweak almost everything from video, audio, screenshot, main panel, floating toolbar, mouse, hotkeys, and others giving you complete control over your screen recording sessions.

ApowerREC Features 

Record Screen

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

The USP of the ApowerREC utility is the Record Screen feature. It records the screen as you can tell.

Along with that, you can add a webcam feed, annotate and draw during recording, and highlight the area around the cursor which comes in handy when you need to grab someone’s attention to a specific section of the screen.


You get a few options here such as a fullscreen record or you can custom select a specific width and height to record. 

You can drag the window to record a certain section of the screen if you want. Plus, the Sound panel on-board ApowerREC lets you select the source of audio. Finally, there’s a webcam feed that you can add to any screen recording session in a nicely done circular patch alongside a screengrab.

Record Window

As you can tell, the “Record Window” feature lets you record the screen of a specific window such as a PowerPoint presentation without recording anything else that you are using on the same computer. The program will continue to record locked windows unless it is minimized.

Record Audio

The ‘Record Audio’ function lets you record audio-only. There’s no video or screen recording here but just audio which comes in handy if you want to create something with audio-only settings. You can select the input source with the “Sound” section. 


Record Webcam

Finally, the ‘Record Webcam’ takes advantage of a built-in or external webcam to capture its feed. You can select the output resolution, fps, mirror the display, and record the feed that comes in handy for countless use cases. 

Task Scheduler

Release the Kraken! The Task Scheduler is a unique feature that lets you schedule your periodic or one-time screen recording session. You can set the start and stop time, audio and webcam source, recording area, as well as other settings.

This is a pretty handy feature and you can set up multiple tasks for periodic recordings without having to manually do it.

Save & Export

Once you are done with recording any video, it’s time to save and export. ApowerREC doesn’t have a built-in video editing tool (ApowerEdit can be installed for that) but you can add intros and outros, add custom-made watermark, and clip the length of the video with ease.


For exports, you have options between 14 popular formats including MOV, AVI, WMV, and others. You can even share recordings to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or even FTP connection just like that.


ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

ApowerREC has a robust watermark functionality. You can add an image or text as a watermark. You can even format the text used for the watermark with relative ease. It goes without saying, this feature is available on the paid version as the free version is stripped of any features. 

Robust Settings

Turns out ApowerREC has a robust Settings feature that lets you tweak almost all the aspects spread across four general categories i.e. Record Screen, Window, Audio, and Webcam.

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

You can tweak the ‘Output Folder’ so you can set the path where all the data will be stored. The ‘Video’ settings let you dig into the output video format, frame rate, bitrate, resolution, and codec. Here’s the ‘Audio’ section to tweak frequency, bitrate, and output format.


You can set any mouse cursor color and size. ApowerREC lets you tweak ‘Hotkeys’ to perform certain tasks with ease.

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

The ‘Recording’ settings lets you tweak if you want to hide desktop icons, beep on recording, prevent the video from freezing, among others. There’s ‘Screenshot’, ‘Floating toolbar’, ‘Upload’, ‘Start’, ‘Main Panel’, and ‘Language’.

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

As you can see, you can tweak and change the settings for all the aspects with relative ease.

How To Record Screen With APowerREC?

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

Turns out the procedure is rather trouble-free and easy to follow. Check out the instructions below.


Step 01: First, launch the program ApowerREC (of course).

Step 02: Select “Record Screen” which will open all the features related to recording the screen.

Step 03: You can select “Full” if you want to record the whole window or “Custom” where you can select fullscreen, selected region, or a fixed region among others. Tweak it till you find the proper recording area you were looking for.

Step 04: Under “Sound”, select the source of input such as the built-in or external microphone, etc.


Step 05: You can select “Webcam” if you want to include a webcam feed while recording the screen.

Step 06: Press “REC” and the recording will commence.

Step 07: Once the recording has commenced, a toolbar gives you stop, pause, timer, screenshot, annotation, and other tools that you can use during live screen recording.

Step 08: Check out the “Output” folder to check out the screen recording. 


ApowerREC System Requirement & Availability

The ApowerREC is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms alike. You just have to download the app/utility and install (Read ApowerREC Setup mentioned above to learn how) and you are good to go.

You need Windows 7/8/10 and above; Mac OS X 10.10 or above, iOS 7 or above, and Android 5.0 or above to be eligible for ApowerREC. 

The application is available in several languages, you will find the list of languages while installation, you can select your preferred language and go with the process.

ApowerREC Pricing Plans

ApowerREC Review
Img: Aadil Rawal/TechLatest

The tool is available as a free version with limited features. The paid version is available under two categories i.e. Personal and Business each with different tenure of payments explained in advance below.


Personal Plan

The first is the Personal Plan and it starts at $19.95 (offer price) billed automatically on a monthly basis. You can cancel any plan at any time with no questions asked. The annual pay is $39.95 (offer price) and as the monthly plan, it is also billed automatically and can be canceled at any time.

The lifetime subscription is the most convenient at $69.95 (offer price) and with that, you get a free lifetime update with a superlative technical support service on the go. Note that the pricing might change based on when you are reading this.

Business Plan

Talking about the business plan, you have two subscription tiers here. The lifetime plan is billed at $159.9 (offer price) that offers lifetime upgrades and service support and it is a one-time payment. 

The annual tier is billed at $79.95 (offer price) and it is billed automatically. The final tier is the Lifetime (Team) tier which is billed based on the number of PCs. It is $159.9/user while 2-5 PCs are at $111.9/user, maxing it up to $76.8/user on a 51-100 PCs arrangement.


There’s a 30-days money-back guarantee as well. Also, there are other time-sensitive offers on the website such as Buy 1 Get 1 at the time of writing this. 

ApowerREC Support

ApowerREC gives you access to a tonne of content, be it for a how-to guide for Windows, macOS, and other platforms. This also includes some tips, tricks, and techniques you can use to get the best of the program.

Apowersoft offers technical support to the users where they can fill in an online form containing information on the bugs, issues, you have with the program and a technical representative will get back to you. 

There’s also a technical support contact number (+1) 2403356666 that you can dial in to get a faster resolution. Apart from that, the guides and the community are enough to answer every question you are looking for on-board ApowerREC.


There’s a live chat feature on ApowerREC as well which is quite speedier than other methods.

Final Verdict: ApowerREC Review


  • Task scheduler
  • Simple & minimalistic UI
  • Offers abundant screen-capture features
  • Live annotation


  • The free version is bare and limited in features
  • Customer support may take time
  • Doesn’t work on recording secondary displays

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